Need a hair fix?

Friday!!! YAY! That means…mm, party!! Anyways, I just came back for a hair fix. Only for the ones who don’t know *mikan yet!…Cute little hair store, I bring you my favorite 4! ❤ mikan is neighbours with sugar cube, which I visit once in a while. I  love that little store. So if you don’t know *mikan yet, why don’t you step by?…The hairs are super cheap (70/80L), however there aren’t many colors to choose from. There is only blonde for the straight one, though the ‘bob’ comes with three different bangs. It’s like ‘one of a kind’ thing, lets leave it at that. My personal fav is the long, puffy chestnut one!! However, I’ve mod some because really whatever I can mod, I mod! Let’s say its a personal touch.  Have a great weekend!! ❤ Uma


*mikan* I

1st pic :

‘okkapa bob1 straight’ / ‘straight medium lenghth’ by *mikan

2nd pic :

‘long rough chestnut’ / ‘hairy short bob’ by *mikan

*skins by Lazolli . hoodie by ARAI . tshirt by me/toastface

retro yoyo ballerina!

ok, lets play pretend! So you ask me ‘what brings you back to blogging?’..and the answer is very simple (and obvious too)! A yoyo!!! I *really* tried hard to take a good picture of my yoyo skills, but it proved to be a mission impossible! However, I am totally addicted to this yoyo! I have always been a fan of yoyos, they were the shizz when I was 7/8/9? years old. Seriously!..It brought back a lot of memories, especially the ones when I remember not knowing how to do tricks with it. Guess what? now I can. At least in sl. ❤ ! This whole look was inspired by this yoyo, its funny what triggers me to blog or put clothes together. This is a very simple(ish) look, a retro inspired cute one if I may say so. I am not usually a ‘flower print’ girl, in sl or rl at all. I stay away from flower prints as much as I can, but I totally love this gigi boho dress. Yes, its a dress (!!) but I chose to wear it as a high waisted puffy skirt and wear that ‘old’ and awesome emery leather fitted jacket and voilá!..Now back to yoyos, lol, check Scribble make sure you choose your favorite color, lets line up and yoyo till we fall asleep. Muahs ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Noce white pack’ by {fascino}

Skin – ’01 Lyla Pale Skin / *natural’ by Redgrave

headband – by me/toastface  (not for sale yet but soon)

Glasses – ‘Mom Glasses – Classic Tortoise’ by (yummy)

Jacket – (part of) ‘ringleader of the tormentors – biker jacket’ by Emery

‘Skirt’ – (part of) ‘Tropic Floral Rouged Dress’ by GiGi Couture

Leggings – ‘LEGGINGS/grayscale _3’ by Cachet

Socks – ‘Prim Sock Rosy’ by Maitreya

Shoes – ‘ ChiChi Pumps Pastel Green’ by Maitreya

Bracelet – ‘(CS) lily bangle’ by creamshop

YOYO – ‘Cloud Pets Candy YoYo (Bubblegum)’ by ~Scribble~