‘Little’ !lamb

Ladies and …mmm muts. 😉 There’s a new store in town, and I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to tell you about it! !lamb is a (promising) hair store, and it opened its doors to the public just a few ago. I can honestly say I wouldn’t know of it, if lamb bellic haven’t ‘knocked’ on my door today..and oh I’m so glad she did. When I tried it on, omg, love at first sight! I… love this hair! Perfect hair+hat  and what the hell? Sometimes I think it’s just fate, I was putting this outfit together, another ‘indie’ kinda look when ‘Mister Sister’ fell on my lap. Keep an eye on this store, I think it’s here to stay, and I’m already a fan! if you’re curious, tp here ! muahs, ❤ Uma


!lamb 1

Details :

Hair – ‘Mister Sister (Kit Kat)’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘lyla pale – smoky4’ by Redgrave

Glasses – ‘white plastic fantastic’ by H&V

Jacket – ‘MIMI coat – dark gray’ by Cachet

Shirt – ‘longshirt boarder green’ by (roo)

Scarf – ‘afghan stole = simple [A]’ (color change) by :sey

Jeans – ‘female dirty rips black jeans’ by Fetch

Belt – ‘color changing belt’ by .::MALT Fashions

Boots – ‘engineer boots  (‘old’ group gift)’ by J’s

Panda (leg) by Pink Fuel

listening to : (and please do click here->) toxic

10 thoughts on “‘Little’ !lamb

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Leaha!! ^^ ❤
    Aww London, I ❤ Pandas, this one likes to hump legs 😉 ehe. Thank you!

  2. slblogoffame says:

    Hey, im Princessee GG from slblogoffame.
    I dont know if you remeber.
    But i wanted to tell you about the ending of the blog.
    If you want more details go on it.
    All is there.
    I dont know why I tell you this. I just need to tell someone. To all the people I talked to, you were the more enthousiastic one. just an impression? i dont know.
    Continue you hard work.
    Again, this is a very great outfit.
    xox , Priin GG

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    aww..sorry to hear that princessee. I accepted it knowing there was no real reason to be in it, I don’t really believe in ‘fame’ or ‘slebrities’ in sl. (maybe the title wasn’t the right one?) I think its a positive and constructive thing to point out the ones who make a difference or make sl a better experience, but it’s not really about fame, it’s about sharing. Sharing your work, your skills, your ideas, your love your friendship…even your words. It’s a place to connect and be connected to people. That’s how I see it, how i ‘live’ it and have always lived both lives..and btw, this isnt really hard work, this is fun. Thank you ^^ xoxo

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you jordan XD and you’re welcome, i love love love that toxic version, it almost seems like a totally dif. song I’m glad you like it ^^

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