‘Haiiii! Another day, another outfit. Or should I say, night? This is the kind of unpretentious look for a cold ‘night out’ with friends.  Prolly because I wouldn’t wear a sequin dress during the day, though, whatever I’d choose differently, would definitely work for a day look. However, I’ve always loved this P-K’s and I wanted to do an outfit with it. I have blogged a short ‘Pure Style’ fur coat before but this time I’m showing you a longer version. Again, all made of sculpties (latest obsession for a layer addict). I took the collar part so I could wear the ‘scarf tube’, also the whole coat has resizable script. <3. The accessories are definitely my favorite things on this outfit, they’re the latest creation of dango jewell for .::Fabulous::., I absolutely adore the ‘black sheep’ bangles. ❤ dango! I wanted them to stand out, so the whole ‘black’ look suits perfectly. How awesome are these? Mhm. You should definitely check out her little store. Hair is from deja vu, not released yet  and my inspiration for this outfit! Muah ❤ Uma.

night girl

night girl I

Details :

Hair – ‘Mademoiselle (caramel brown)’ not for sale yet, by Deja Vu

Skin – ‘London light makeup 5a’ by Le Lutka

Jacket – ‘Long fur coat (dark gray)’ by Pure Style

Dress – ‘sequin tank dress’ by P-K

Scarf – ‘scarf tube knit 1 black’ by Cachet

‘Pants’ – ‘Cachet wool pants black1’ by Cachet

Shoes – ‘peeping tom white’ by Royal Blue / worn with Soho boots (cocktail grunge) top attachments by Maitreya

Bag – ‘tote black’ by SLink

Accessories :

Earrings – ‘StillMatic platinum earrings’ by .::FabulouS::. (by dango jewell)

Bangles – ‘Black Sheep bangles (white gold/L+R) by .::FabulouS::. (by dango jewell)

8 thoughts on “Tonight’s..

  1. Elizabeth Hallstrom says:

    Ok I am in love with whole look and will probably be your mini me but with brown hair! Oh correction – since my avi is a good 20 Lbs heavier I will be your maxi me! And please, please please, let me know when that hair is coming out! Hugs!

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Elizabeth!!! ❤ Maxi me LOL ^^ you’re not 20lbs heavier at all! pft…
    and I have no idea when its going to be released since the store’s closed for now..will hit you up if I know about it. Muahs
    maria, hai! No Lm, the store is temporary closed 😦 (but I’d advise you to join the group, for news or for some group gifts LilKim sends out!) ^^ xoxo

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    unpretentiously so Lauryn, I’m so glad you like it <33 ^^ 😀
    Aerianna, aww thank you! I really love this hair aswell, and I rarely go blonde! Hope the store’s up soon, and thank you ^^ muahs

  4. Miabella Foxley says:

    dango & kim hooked me up with this hair a few weeks ago and (even on break) my avi hasn’t taken it off. i really cant wait to see what else kim puts together and i hope the store is up and running when i get back!
    the outfit is adorable uma, & i like you blonde 🙂

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thanks Miaaa, 😉 ehe, blonde, I could only go blonde for the right hair! I’m feeling the same, deja vu >_< can’t wait to see it open again!! oh what break? pft, get your butt back on. 😛 xoxo

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