Dunk it.

Haiiii!! So yesterday, inspired by this beyoncé, put a ‘rang’ on it fever we decided to check some hiphop (sl) clubs, which consequently made me want to wear my ‘diana’ skin today and put this outfit together! It’s not something I’m used to wear but these amazzzzzzzzing akeyo ‘cora’ sneakers (which btw are totally color change, from laces to sidepatch and ‘nose’) and new En Svale denim jacket inspired me to do a more colorful, street like (with a slightly retro feel) look. Challenging though! It’s funny, because I really don’t like denim jackets in rl (unless they’re tight fitting and with an edgy cut)  probably because it reminds me of when I was a teen and if I look back (as probably most of us) at those pictures not only I can’t stop laughing it also scares the crap out of me. However, I loveeeeeeeeeee this en svale jacket and in sl it couldn’tbe cuter!! ❤ ❤ Uma


dunkin I

Details :

Hair –  ‘+*RomiPinkCap*+.Cream’ by MiraiStyle

Skin – ‘DIANA – Black Skin 09’  by Beauty Avatar

Jacket – ‘denim jacket (bleach) by en Svale

Sweater – ‘hallelujah swater blue’ by Emery

Shirt – ‘StripeShirt_White 1′ by AOHARU

Pants –  ”We own the sky – dark’ by &Bean

Belt – ‘Retro toys belt’ by Ducknipple

Sneakers –  ‘Cora’ by Akeyo

Socks – ‘Mokomoko Socks / charcoal’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Glasses – ‘aviator blue sunglasses’ by Emery

Ring – ‘Glitter**WG**Uma by .::FabulouS::. (dango jewell)

Gloves – ‘Gloves: Full Finger Gloves Blue’  by (DoMoCo)

15 thoughts on “Dunk it.

  1. Aldero Akami says:

    Yep, that hat is awesome and the CORA shoes are just awesome. Like the way you put it all together.

  2. Katerina says:

    My husband was looking for a rocking denim jacket since…forever! You soooo rock.
    The style is amazing.

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Aldero!! *waves back* these akeyo rock! so many different colors, so little time, thanks for dropping by ^~
    Oh Katerina, then you and your hubby gonna love this, has male version two!!ty!! ^^
    Emmmyyy aww thank youuu, ehe, I wanted some choc love this time aha ❤ muahs!!

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    weeeeee Abra!! *squeezes* thank youuz! More coming, 😀 ❤
    Linka, hai, ^^ thank youuuu!!! I’m glad you like this look ^^ muahs

  5. Leaha Aeon says:

    I enjoyed this outfit so much i still have it on…i don’t even want to take it off….can u post something like it again uma…i need another hip hop look in my life….maybe something with the new redgrave sneakers would be awesome….:D

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Haii Leaha!! aww.. so happy you liked it, thank you so much! Also, I couldn’t resist redgrave’s sneakers aswell, got them right after, lol! I will post other and different looks like this in the future, for sure, you can count on that! xoxo

  7. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I’m not wearing any other shape besides mine, though It’s good to see there’s a more suitable one for this skin. Thank you Myabi.

  8. lumir says:

    Love always all your choice omggg i’m addicted :))
    just tell me one thing , i went to beauty avatar but couldn’t find diana skin , weird isn’t it ???

  9. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hiii Lumir, and thank youuu so much! Well, from what I know diana must be there, BA is huge, but i’m pretty sure its in the skins building, maybe struggle through lag and spend more time looking for it? >.< I am not really sure where it is!
    Hii celest, ty very much!! XD I’ll definitely do more looks like this in the future, I’m happy you like it ^^

  10. lumir says:

    TY Uma , i found it :))) but in the other store… lol.
    in the new mall they have just a few which are released ..ohhh i’m so happy :))

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