Pocky <3

Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! lol. XD Lately I’ve been obsessed with ‘pocky’ talk. I forgot about it (because it’s hard to find where I live) when I saw elka’s flickr. I’m sure you know it, it’s a japanese ‘snack food’ (little biscuit sticks dipped in choc) and highly addictive!. In Portugal it’s not easy to find, there’s a fairly similar to pocky called ‘Mikado’ but it’s not the same.  SO, I recently found a store downtown that sells REAL POCKY!..and omg, not only I bought like 5 packs (rl) I also found that I had it in my invo. Ah, so that was the trigger to make me start doing pocky tshirts today and come back to blogging! For some reason I love this outfit, its not often that I mix red and blue (unless I go navy like mood) and not often that I blog an outfit made of things I haven’t bought ‘recently’. I have also decided I should stop being lazy and ‘try’ to make some accessories and play with sculpties (not that I’m good at it) and hopefully will have some headbands and stuffs (because omg, I’m addicted to hair accessories) in the future! ❤ Uma muahs!

pocky love

pocky love I

Details :

Hair – ‘Ilias’ (madder red) by Uncleweb

Headband by me (not for sale..yet?)

Skin – ‘Alice nude freckles’ by Milk Motion

Scarf – ‘bell scarf’ (gift) by >TRUTH<

Hoodie – ‘Funky retro hoodie grey’ by So Many Styles

Skirt – ‘Denimskirt black’ by Untone Quilt

Socks (underpants layer) ‘your everyday socks (blue)’ by Twosome

Knee socks – ‘knee socks wool – red’ by SySy’s

Boots – ‘Billow boots in cherry’ by Maitreya

Pocky  by AetherStyle

14 thoughts on “Pocky <3

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Yeah I agree with you on that, depends on how much red though, or if it’s a more orangey shade. Change the clothes not the hair, there aren’t much red heads around 😉 Thank yoooou<3

  2. Heidi Volare says:

    Hey Uma. Pocky is my crack and they sell it at the Target across the street from me. I have to run past the aisle it’s in because I hear it calling to me.

    You look wonderful, as always.


  3. munky says:

    i love the hair and skin! 😀
    this is a cute outfit. 😀
    and btw, i saw ur store in the new cupcake sim!! 😀
    cuute shiirts! 😀

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Heiiiiiidi, wish I could find it across the street. Lol. I’d move there, to that specific aisle. lol. ❤ thank you! 😉
    Aww, eehh munky thank yoooouu, glad you like them ❤ The whole sim is amazing *love it*

  5. Jenniewren Writer says:

    UUUUUUUma… hahaha me and CeCee went and haunted your shop, and took pictures with fake you and fake Teddy.. I’ll be posting to our blog asap! You make the cutest tees (i’m in love with the toaster monsters)

  6. Abra Exonar says:

    Yay!! Umaaaa /me wants one of your headbands *chants* sell them sell them! I’m finally getting into making things now too, it’s fun. xD This look is so cheery, it makes me happy just looking at it 😀 As far as Pocky goes, yum yum….my fav is the one with almonds mixed into the chocolate, I love almonds. Cute that you found some in world! Yay for food worn in mouths >_<

  7. Emy Aker says:

    I’m so glad to understand everything you say now that i know you more!! So if I have understand, you’ll try to create jewels in SL ?! That’s a great idea! Glad to know you finally found real pocky lol see ya soon ! xo xo ❤

  8. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    Hahaz. Pocky is everywhere and cheap cheap here 😛 I just ate it for breakfast yesterday hehez. My favourite are the strawberry ones 🙂 Ooh and the giant pocky is just adorable!
    Have you tried tastys? They are like pockys but different flavour 😀

    And I love that headband! You have talent 😀

  9. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Jennie!! I saw, cee showed me the pic, I couldn’t stop laughing, you crazy girls and damn you and your stores, it’s really hard to find here!! </3
    dangoooooooo, awww, wish I had so many flavours! I have only tried normal and the strawberry!! yummy!! *steals your bag* 😉 ❤
    Aww, abra you know that’s how I felt yesterday, with pocky in both sl and rl hands!!..ehe, the pocky stick goes on your hand and everytime you eat you make a 😀 face, but I placed it in mouth instead! and yay for doing things!!<3
    Emy!! Not jewelry per se, I’m starting with baby steps, hair accessories for now and possibly other things later if I’m not too lazy 😉
    Oh Tomoyo, I haven’t tried tastys at all, but there’s a similar to pocky that i’ve tried, called mikado http://files.nireblog.com/blogs/aljapon/files/cimg6009.JPG but it’s not the same, so happy I found a store selling real pocky!!!! aww, and thank you, ehe, I don’t think the headbands are 100% perfect YET, but I’ll try ❤

  10. Flygene Poitier says:

    Hello Uma,
    İ read and follow ur page everytime and went to all of shop but only By uncleweb ..i run everywhere i look to the profile of the owner and at the lm there is nothing some other shop maybe 1 hour i tried to find the shop :/ may u im me and send me a lm by SL? Thank u a lot

  11. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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