Classic touch

Haiiii!! So today I’m feeling the exact opposite of yesterday, took a 180º turn and went from all cutesy look (as you can see on the last post)  to amore put together, classic like outfit! Again, I can’t seem to get enough of brown in sl! Also, I’m really happy to see designers making all-prim pieces (and extremely well made), like dp yumyum poncho or ce cubic bolero and this time sweetest goodbye ‘cowl’! No jacket layers, allowing us to go layer nuts and play with them in a more ‘healthy’ way! I really love the  collar on this piece and the longer vs  shorter sleeve! It works perfectly with my ao, it’s wonderfully made, love the comfy feeling in it, definitely a must have! As for shoes, I wanted to use some leg warmers or slouchy socks, and as I was scrolling through my invo, I realized shiny things prim socks worked wonderfully with the lower part of Maitreya’s billow boots, same colors and looking as if they were exactly like that! Oh another monday, another week, hope you have a great one! ❤ Uma

classic touch

classic touch I

Details :

Hair – ‘Morgan’ (mahogany night) by >TRUTH<

Skin – ‘Belina *cinna* frost 2-a’ by Bebae

Cowl – ‘Desire’ (brown) by Sweetest Good-Bye

Cardi (tshirt layer) – (part of outfit) ‘Carmela – cardie in camel’ by MichaMi

Top (undershirt layer) – ‘Sheer ribbed tank (gray)’ by Armidi

Belt (jacket layer) – ‘Lulu in brown’ by MichaMi

Jeans – ‘Grace jeans faded chic’ by Armidi

Socks – ‘brown slouch socks’ by Shiny Things

Shoes – ‘Billow boots brown’ by Maitreya

Gloves – ‘sky blue gloves’ by En Svale

Bag – ‘Enamel bag – brown’ by :::Last Ride:::

Vinyl Shelf – ‘yeye girls & jovem guarda’ by Fabulous Soul Records


7 thoughts on “Classic touch

  1. annethas says:

    Hey Uma, this is a great look. Am going to buy some of the pieces, but I wondered where you got the hat or is it part of the hair?

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    That’s the great thing about having all-prim based pieces, we can play with layers and wear more than we usually can! Glad you like it Channen ❤ thank you for the feedback 😉
    annethas, Hi! Yes yes, the hat is part of the hair and it’s also color change, therefore a really great deal and a must have in my opinion! xoxo ^~

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Francesca ^^ I love it! Glad you like it ❤
    Hi Maria, you can find the jeans through the website, http:/, they’re sold there. ^^
    Tomoyo<3 aww, thank youuuu! *squeezes*

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