As warm as..

So I recently moved in sl to a snowy mountain in floyd! We’re still decorating our little snow cabin (this isn’t it) and I’m still waiting for a fireplace *whistles*! It’s the hubby’s ‘job’ but meanwhile I can only warm up wearing as much clothes as I can! Again, with some pieces from fav little stores! I’m in a playful and kawaii mood, so this is like a cute and messy outfit, it’s sunday its supposed to be like that! ❤ Uma.

sweet as candy

sweet as candy I

Details :

Hair – ‘YuruFUwa Futatumusubi (strawberryblonde)’ by [C&H]

Skin – ‘Willow E – Freckles’ by [Rockberry]

Hat – ‘knit cap brown’ by Kurotsubaki

‘Poncho’ – ‘Fur Poncho (gray)’ by DP*yumyum

Sweater/Dress – ‘NordicDress blk’ by The Closet

Pants – ‘tweed half pants – black’ by Kalmia labo. (MNK*SHOP)

Socks – ‘bird socks hot kiss’ by Grandma

Boots – ‘3way engineer boots (B)’ by J’s

food – ‘Toaster Pastry’ (texture change) by [PINK FUEL]

scooter – ‘kickboard love’  by Kurenai Motorcycle

Poses by Snooky’s poses

8 thoughts on “As warm as..

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    so cute so cute so cute so cute!!! I love willow on you!! omg, /me dies. It’s my fav rockberry skin. so perfectly girly and blushy…ohh now with freckles. this is one of my fav looks of yours in a while (they are all fantastic) there’s so much here I must wear ohhh. btw, if you ever want to have a tea party lemme know!! 😀 xo

  2. anon says:

    YOU KNOW that scooter is free! it’s also for TWO PEOPLE if you want! and it’s air ground and water , just click it!! oh and it’s texture/color change lots of goodness:P

    in the LUCKY CHAIR!

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thankkkk yooou cleo! nuuu eating please, you cannibal eheh ❤ bites back* 😉
    Abraaaa, this skin is my fav freckly skin!!! I mean this and mia I think, ❤ it!..and thank you, always happy with your feedback! and yes, lets have that tea party, I’m freeziiiiiing! ❤
    anon, lol, yes, I KNOW!! I got it some time ago on the lucky chair and brought all my friends and announced it on another group because I thought it was really worth it and awesome thing to have! 🙂
    Channen ❤ thank you!! Uh, he’s right, lol, i used a different background taking pictures inside the house sucks. It’s tiny ^^

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