Saturday Night…plurking!

I swear, when Abra told me to join plurk, I had no idea what I was getting into. I mean, I’ve heard about it, never tried to know much, because, really,  I’m usually a lazy bastid when it comes to ‘myspaces’  and ‘facebooks’ and..what not. However, I got curious and joined…but here’s the tricky thing, I have no idea how that plurkin’ thing works. LOL! I’m still laughing at my lameness and lack of, mmm, intelligence? to know how it works *insert motivation here* but while I still wonder and wander like a lost kitty around there, I’ll keep trying!..If some of my favorite people are plurking their ‘bums’ off, then its sure to be something worth it! ❤ Now, what brings me here apart from  publicly announcing that I need plurk instructions so I can sleep tonight?..mmm OH YES!..So tonight I’m pretending it’s not so freakin’ cold outside and dressed as if it was summer already. The inspiration was definitely this exile hair. For some reason it brought out the little rockabilly girl in me. However the piece that brought it all together (and my favorite accessory of the moment) was this awesome and ‘huge’ necklace from the ever so talented Marie Lauridsen. From what I’ve been told they’re out already so if you haven’t checked Milk Motion already please do (and don’t forget to check the skins aswell, the one I’m wearing is called ‘alice’ love it!). Milk Motion is located at Cupcake (which will be oficially opened on monday) and you can also find Kookie, Triangle Caudron’s, snooky poses, yours truly ‘toastface’, amongst other awesomeness! ❤ Uma

hound dog

hound dog I

Details :

Hair – ‘Gwen’ (mink) by Exile

Skin – ‘Alice’ (nude) by Milk Motion

Top – ‘Fuzy_Black_’ by Mirrors*

Necklace – ‘my huuuge necklace in white’ by (Milk Motion)

Pants – ‘nina highwaist pants in black’ by Artilleri

Shoes – ‘criss-cross ballet flats’ (white) by Shiny Things

Listening to 😉 * Baby let’s play house

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night…plurking!

  1. vanity esparza says:

    huge sim crashing necklace’s haha <3333333333
    and yay for cupcake sim goes back to making cupcake tress for marie lol

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