Freckles, anyone?

How many of you are freckles lovers?..well from now on, I am. Heather Bebee from Rockberry has added a freckle version to all 6 skin lines – Eva, Kate, Lily, Mia, Sasha and Willow – and was kind enough to spoil me with them. Although I’m usually not used to look for freckled skins (though in rl I am slightly freckled <3) I was truly surprised with these, not only because of the freckles itself but the face is just yummy!! Love it!  Skin addicts  get over there and check them for yourselves. I couldn’t be more pleased or surprised with these! You know, I don’t consider myself a great reviewer, I’m not the kind that points out all the details and shades and what not on  skins. However, I take in consideration the face and once I blog something, It’s not only because I love it but also because it’s worth it. Trust me on that! I mean, lol, I’m a narcisist (I admit) and I can’t stop looking at myself now *coughs* !! ❤ Uma

Eva A - Kate B Rockberry – Eva (a) / Kate (b)

Lily F - Sasha A Rockberry . Lily (F) / Sasha (A)

Mia B Willow E Rockberry : Mia (b) / Willow (e)


Outfit details :

Skin – ‘Eva a – natural FR’ By Rockberry

Hair – ‘Burly hair type A – coffee’ by Uncleweb

Strapless top – ‘Body con is not dead in silver’ (jacket layer) by Royal Blue

Shirt – ‘the scarlet mobster’ (‘old’ and always cherished and I still love it) by Kyoot Army

Pants –  ‘Taupe Ghost Harem High Waists’ by Royal Blue

Socks – ‘tartan tights  black socks’ by !*G^G*!

Boots – ‘Black Hitch Hiker Boot’ (not the greatest/not perfect, but I love the chunkyness imperfection on them, and wow, it was only 1 linden) by Domestic V

Headband – ‘flower katsusha gold’ by *chicoco*