Pink Candy!

That’s how I feel today, like  a little pink snowball or candy! There are some days that clothes just inspire you and cheer you up! I know it must sound weird for some of you who don’t feel the same, but this outfit did it for me. Pink is not everyone’s favorite color I know, it’s not my favorite either, but today for some reason pink warmed my heart! Tosl has released these ‘sweater willies’ and I couldn’t wait to log to get me some! They’re just too sweet and comfortable looking! OMG, I’d buy them pink in rl too at the risk of looking barbie-ish! I wouldn’t  care! Also, dp yumyum has this ‘down vest’ on a lucky chair and the other day I tp’ed there hoping I’d see a ‘U’, little did I know I only had to wait around for 8mins to get it! I’m so happy I was lucky this time and didn’t give up!..If you have some free time, make sure you go there and even wait a while because it’s too cute not to have it in your closet!! Hope you have a great week! ❤ Uma.

pink candy

pink candy I

Details :

Hair – ‘.+*Fuka*+.Chocolate [MS]’ by Mirai Style

Skin – ‘Belina *cinna* berry 1b’ by Bebae (soon to be released)

Vest – ‘ down jacket’ by dp*yumyum

Sweater – ‘Kaylee pink sweater’ (comes with a dress option) by Vitamin Ci

Pants – ‘Tweed half Pants’ (gray/comes with black version aswell) by MNK*SHOP

Boots – ‘*Sweater Wellies*’ (pink floss) by TOSL

Bag – ‘Warm knit bag [Pink]’ by :::Last Ride:::

Poses :

1st pic ‘Autumn Almanac’ (pda) by Izzy Bereznyak

2nd pic ‘weee lookit cool’ by Snookys poses

10 thoughts on “Pink Candy!

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    it’s like its almost edible!!! 😀 The bag is a bargain (there’s a blue version aswell) and so are the shorts, at creator’s pavillion ‘fair’!..and omg, the boots, had a hard time choosing which colors. >_< Tosl did it again! ❤

  2. Munky says:

    this is a cute outfit. i love the pink sweather, AND LOOOOVE THE TOSL Sweater Wellies!!! SOO CUUUTE! and i love the bag its cute. 😀

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awes, thank you Emilee, I had a good but at the same time crappy christmas. Spent it in bed and sick but recovered just in time for new years eve 😉 Happy new year!!
    Munky!! Haiiiii, the pink sweater comes with a dress option aswell, I love these wellies!! ❤ I’m glad you like it too, thank you for the feedback!!! ^^

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hiii Christa, the boots are in a round corner at the store! In a small box, look inside, they seem ‘folded’!! Hope you find them ^^ xoxo

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