Pink Candy!

That’s how I feel today, like  a little pink snowball or candy! There are some days that clothes just inspire you and cheer you up! I know it must sound weird for some of you who don’t feel the same, but this outfit did it for me. Pink is not everyone’s favorite color I know, it’s not my favorite either, but today for some reason pink warmed my heart! Tosl has released these ‘sweater willies’ and I couldn’t wait to log to get me some! They’re just too sweet and comfortable looking! OMG, I’d buy them pink in rl too at the risk of looking barbie-ish! I wouldn’t  care! Also, dp yumyum has this ‘down vest’ on a lucky chair and the other day I tp’ed there hoping I’d see a ‘U’, little did I know I only had to wait around for 8mins to get it! I’m so happy I was lucky this time and didn’t give up!..If you have some free time, make sure you go there and even wait a while because it’s too cute not to have it in your closet!! Hope you have a great week! ❤ Uma.

pink candy

pink candy I

Details :

Hair – ‘.+*Fuka*+.Chocolate [MS]’ by Mirai Style

Skin – ‘Belina *cinna* berry 1b’ by Bebae (soon to be released)

Vest – ‘ down jacket’ by dp*yumyum

Sweater – ‘Kaylee pink sweater’ (comes with a dress option) by Vitamin Ci

Pants – ‘Tweed half Pants’ (gray/comes with black version aswell) by MNK*SHOP

Boots – ‘*Sweater Wellies*’ (pink floss) by TOSL

Bag – ‘Warm knit bag [Pink]’ by :::Last Ride:::

Poses :

1st pic ‘Autumn Almanac’ (pda) by Izzy Bereznyak

2nd pic ‘weee lookit cool’ by Snookys poses

‘Bebae’ .

It’s oficially monday and we’re all over the holidays (or at least some) but as usual sl has a few little goodies to make us feel as if christmas is still around. This time I came back so soon to show you a little preview of Belina, Bebae’s soon to be released skin. Bebae has been slowly but  steadily, standing out from the ‘crowd’ at least for me.  I have to say I especially like ‘belina’s face,  but the make ups, they are exquisite. I mean, if you like it you will definitely have a hard time choosing which you like the best. Belina  has this mature and at the same time fresh and young look to it and (as you can see) with a diverse and wide range of eye make up  and most delicious glossy lips, I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love like I did.  Sweet sweet face! As of skin tones, this one is ‘cinna’, there’s of course other more tanned skin tones and one slightly fairer.  Sure to please us all! Of course it’s not all about the skins but what we wear on top of them, and I bring you another little outfit with this post. muahs muahs, I’m off to bed. ❤ Uma.


From top (left to right) :

Bebae ‘Belina’ (cinna) :  Bare 1a, Berry 1b, Cat 2a . Cat 3a, earth 1b, moss 1b . Navy 1a, smokey 2b, runway 1a

fresh monday

Outfit details :

Hair – ‘Natasha’ by Dernier Cri

Skin – ‘belina – frost 2a’ by Bebae

Jacket – ‘Short leather jacket (Black)’ by Ce Cubic

Dress – ‘Green Tartan Dress’ by DPS

Belt – ‘Lima Trenchcoat belt’ by Gisaci/Armidi

Pants – ‘Lowrise Jeans – original’ by Armidi

Bag – ‘LoveJUNKYbag/FULLgrass’ by Cachet

Shoes – ‘The Alice Cullen Ballet Flats’ (ivory/silver) by Cherry