Prairie Intellect

Yay! Hai everyone, it’s oficially january 2nd,  hope you had an awesome nye and I hope 2009 will be a year to remember! Things are slowly getting back to normal and I’m back to blogging! Bellange has a couple of new coats and deja vu has a little surprise for all of you who are in the group. This hair is super cute, perfectly blending two different shades of ‘caramel’ and making it unique, love it. I just can’t wait for deja vu’s re-opening! With a couple of  new things in my invo I decided to put this outfit together, though in rl I hardly wear this much brown, in sl I find brown/caramel combinations to be extremely warm and rich and I actually love it. I have a couple of fav pieces in this outfit, from the Deja Vu’s group gift hair to the coat and awesome Polina’s sweater, but arigatou dango for this awesome ring 😉 I adore it (though you can’t see much on the picture)  Thank you for the consideration and making it for me. ❤ Since I’m still recovering from Nye that’s all for now, excuse me and my lazyness and I hope you like this look. xoxo ❤ Uma.

prairie boho intellect

prairie boho intellect I

Details :

Skin – ‘Skin63 (F0_E1_L2)’ by D-Skin

Hair – (group gift)  ‘2009/OTOSHIDAMA’ by  DEJA VU

Coat –  ‘leather coat  camel’ by Bellange

Sweater – ‘Wool Sweater’ (brown) by P-K

Skirt – ‘Plaid skirt’ (brown) by [Random]

Socks – ‘Knit Knee Socks  – chocolate’ by Shiny Things

Shoes – ‘Cowgirl boots – beige’ by Hoorenbeek

Bag – ‘french bag marron’ by P-K

Ring – ‘Glitter**WG**Uma’ by .::FabulouS::. (dango jewell)

Glasses – ‘Browline glasses’ by Gritty Kitty