too cool (or is it too early) for christmas?

Uh. Ah, For all of you who know me, even if a little bit know by now how nutsy I can be or how much fun I like to have especially if there’s drunkies envolved. In order to hang out with friends (and because I can) I usually have to stay up later than I should. That means staying up so late you probably don’t believe it or don’t know how it feels like. So yes, its 8:20am here but the fact I’m still here it’s because, once I start something I can’t rest till I finish it. It’s oficially ‘christmas eve’ and I haven’t seen my bed  in what seems like, ages. I know you don’t wonder why though, but I will tell you nonetheless, see, I was stuck in a place called heaven (or hell depending on your point of view from last night) a.k.a the starlust motel celebrating early christmas. If  (in any case) you haven’t been there lately, make sure you do, lots of presents at the lobby and plenty of love to be shared.  But what brought me back to blogging (not this outfit, I’m ‘almost’ sure.!) ..was the fact I do want to wish you a happy HAPPY christmas!!… filled with love (and surrounded by it), and loved ones, and presents but mostly positive energies and thoughts for the nex year! I don’t know what it will bring us and I’m not sure if I’ll stick around or just slow down a bit, but either way, I wish you all the best and if I don’t come back before the ‘next’ year, have a great new years eve!!!. ❤ Uma

cool christmas

Don’t be mistaken by the whole ‘blackish’  attitude yah?  The fact I didn’t choose to go all whitey, snow, horn-ey (and believe me I struggled not to, hey ‘sexyhorns??’ )  like attitude here, it’s just because I’ve decided to show you a little bit more of how I feel like, and how I’d prolly look tomorrow night (minus the hat?..and the hangover?). I know, way less sweet than the last posts..and probably nothing new, but pretty ‘real’ for me. :O

cool christmas

Details :

Hat – ‘Fedora_Houndstooth’ By akeyo

Hair – ‘ *Anne*(Cinnamon)’ by Zero Style

Jacket –  ‘Jacket(Navy)’  by *coco*

‘Shirt’ – ‘sweat cardigan Shirt + T/navy’  by Dp YumYum

Pants – ‘ Flare trousers_pants(cocoa)’ by !_Ce Cubic effect

Socks – ‘Mokomoko Socks / Argyle Navy’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Shoes – ‘High Oxfords Shoe Base Size’ by Tesla

eyes by glanz smoke by fnky, but if you do have to, choose marlboro :p
listening to  Cat Power – naked if i want to

11 thoughts on “too cool (or is it too early) for christmas?

  1. Alexandria says:

    Merry Christmas my dear uma, i hope the holiday is well and safe for you<3. you do not go un-appreciated i have cherished your friendship, kindness and style throughout the whole time i’ve known you. You put a smile on my face and im glad to have you as my friend, merry christmas and i hope the next comming year we’ll stay good friends!


  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    why thank you Alexandria, merry christmas!!! Hope you have a great one, best wishes!!!! xoxo
    Emyyyyyy aha, it’s not part of my plans 😉 lol. ❤ merry christmmmmmmas!!

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Aha, baba!! *waits patiently* 😛 ❤
    merry christmaaaaas olivia 😉 and lol, it’s true!!! Especially adding onigokko and a bunch of crazy people, us included. ❤

  4. angela says:

    Uma!! i know that this isnt related to this post… but where did you get the last dress you posted on your flickr? (the one called “tonight the world belongs to you and I” ^^) I’ve been searching for a dress like that for so long…it looks so magical and pure… and you reminded me a princess of winter 🙂 **dreaming**

    Ty for reading my comment and I understand completly if you don’t want to say the name:)

    Feliz Natal and happy holidays *hugs*

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Yay Abra, hope you had a great one aswell!! ❤ I’m actually sick lol, which is not the best way to celebrate christmas however, can’t wait to recover before new years eve!!! Thank you for your kind words ❤

    Awes, thank you angela, I’m glad you liked it and felt what I was trying to portray, the dress is in fact from {Zaara} but only sold at black swan. You can also find some exclusive pieces from other designers there aswell, such as paper couture or shai. I don’t have a problem sharing it at all, thats why i blog 😉 Happy holidays ^^ *xoxo

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