June 13 – December 13

When I first joined the blogger community, I didn’t know what to expect, if I would have any feedback at all from you, if you’d appreciate what I started doing here or even how long it would last.  Little did I know I would be here, 6 months after and celebrating my 6 month’s of blogging on my rl birthday. So today, not only it’s my rl birthday it is also the day I choose to personally  thank you all, for reading, for showing your love, for supporting my fashion addiction, for all the positive feedback and kind words. You have made me keep doing it, with the same enthusiasm I have started and hopefully will continue. For my baba,  for all the friends that I’ve made, for all the people I have encountered and connected with, for all the future ones and you who keep coming back to leave your mark on this blog, Thank you!! ❤ Uma.