Uh, between one post and another, I had the pleasure to be sent some goodies (which I’ll take as a early bday gift) at the same time they were being released. I immediately fell in love with the blasko babydoll jacket, a sweet flattering, elegant little jacket. I was planning on putting an outfit together with this exact color, so when it fell on my lap, was like a wish come true. These boots however, made my day. Thank you truth<3!! I’m a shoe girl (raise your hands?) so I’m never satisfied, they’re never enough and being able to put on a new pair of boots is like heaven on earth. Or, on our feet. Whichever you prefer. These are awesome!! Even if you’re not a high heels girl you can certainly pull these off in your own style, the tonesare somewhat ‘worn’ looking and the whole design is very different from what we’ve been seeing around. My most ‘difficult’ task on this outfit and because I wanted a sweet very european look to it, was mod Muism ‘hat’ with the right hair, and I think I pulled it off. Yay. hope you like it ❤ Uma.

winter truth

winter truth I

Hair –  ‘Caitlin 2 – walnut java’ by TRUTH

Eyes – ‘Mossy eye’ by Glamurena

Hat – ‘Sara’ by Muism (edited hair off)

Collar – (part of) ‘*BalloonKnit sweater’ by The Closet

Jacket – ‘Blasko Babydoll Jacket [baby]’ by TRUTH

Pants – ‘Lowrise Jeans Original [Jet]‘ By Armidi

Boots –  ‘Nomad Boots [pewter]’ by TRUTH


8 thoughts on “Truthful

  1. Genna Gray says:

    omg love this. Although you totally confused me for a minute because before I read your description, I was like, erm that hat looks exactly like the new one from Muism! That must have been a lot of work, but great job!

  2. Giana says:

    those boots are the shish!!!! i have a shoe obsession!!! like if i saw a chick wearing those boots in brown(because easier to match with my wardrobe) i would follow her then when she leasts expects it punch her in the spleen pull her boots off while shes out and take off running. 😀

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Aha Genna, thank yooouu!! I understand why it would confuse you at first, *giggles*, it wasn’t that hard besides choosing the right hair to go with it. I had some laughs on the way.. *LOL*
    Hi Giana!!! Me too, shoe girl!!! LOL @the punching and knocking out, and also, creepyyyyy… but I won’t say I wouldn’t do the same!! ❤

  4. Donna P says:

    I went to Truth at The Shops on Crush Row but I could not find those boots. Where can I find them? I love them.

  5. cprox1123 says:

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