Oh Hai!  I haven’t been over the new (armidi) pinstripe jacket, so I decided to put another outfit together, but with a different look to it. The keywords for today are layers and attachment points. When I do have the patience, trying to edit and attach prims in different spots and make it work,  is a major concern of mine. If I could ask  SLanta claus  for christmas gift, more attachment points variety would definitely be it. But since I can’t or it will take some time for them to think about it, we’ve got to do the best we can with what we’ve got, and sometimes it works. Also, if someone could explain why wordpress is acting funny lately, not letting to enlarge pictures and making them blurry I’d also appreciate it.  It’s making me crabby, lol. ❤ Uma
striped II
Details :
Hair – ‘yuki hair 27′ by W&Y
Jacket – Classic Pinstripe Blazer [White]’ by Armidi
Dress – ‘Polo dress red’ by Elephant Outfitters (armidi)
Sweater – ‘border shirt/boat/trico’ by BP*
Jeans – ‘Lowrise Jeans Original [Jet]’ By Armidi
Shoes – ‘Air Force – White/Red’ by Hoorenbeek
Headphones – ‘plain headphones’ by bOoN

14 thoughts on “Striped

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    eee…this is great!! the W&Y hair is a current fav of mine, and I was eyeing that sweater last night (got the braided hair instead ;p) and the airforce ones…I have to say, I’ve been TOTALLY avoiding hoorenbeek because I know I will buy everything in sight. lol. it is inevitable though, isn’t it? is your inventory perfectly organized? mine is not, and you make it harder even! ;p but we be looking lovely so I guess it’s alright xoxo ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    No it’s not Abra, and Teddy<3 knows it well. LOL. It’s probably the messiest invo in sl, part of the reason I started to blog was to keep my closet in ‘order’ or at least help me in case I don’t remember clothing names. I know, it’s horrible!! Go check hoorenbeek already, it’s worth it!! ❤
    Babaaaa, lol, college girl? I’m having problems with math <_< can you help me? ❤ you.
    Xavi, they’re awesome, I have them irl aswell!! aha, well different model though, hight tops!! ^^

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thanks Linka!! ^^ muahs!!<3
    Amika-Chan!!! me too, more more more, so I can wear everything I want. Let’s make a wish. XD <333

  4. Chrystina Noel says:

    I think I’m going crazy T_T I can’t find a single one of the armidi items listed here lol xD Cute outfit though ^^

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Chrystina!!! Yes, Website. A lot of people have been asking about it so even though you already know, I’ll leave the link here (simple registration, then inworld tp to ‘shop armidi’, click verify account to confirm your registration then Armidi will send you a confirmation email and you’re done/click sign to pay aswell and money will be shown in your account on the website). Simple as that.

  6. Duchess Steadham says:

    This is amazing!

    Lately I’ve been addicted to fashion blogs and have spent more than needed grabbing pieces of different outfits so i’ll be bookmarking yours for more piece needs LOL

    I’m also surprised you got the armidi jacket to look so wonderful! I bought mine and when i tried it on, it just looked off. Must be your shape-in that case i’m envious. Love love love it!

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