Sweet Chic & Indie Militia

Hai! Today’s keyword is ‘versatile’. There’s a bunch of pieces in our closets we could say they’re versatile, things we can wear in different ways with different pieces and create totally different looks. My choice for today was Truth’s new ‘Cosmo’ dress. This little ‘cocktail-like’ dress was my inspiration for these two distinct looks, one being what I called ‘sweet chic’ and the other ‘indie militia’.  Shai released these really delicious shirts (that i’ve been praying to see on sl) with kitty collar bows and they scream girly, but chic, so I decided to pair it with the cosmo dress skirt, but I wanted to give it a modern edge, so what better than another new Kin hair (which has everything I love about it, bangs <3) and a pair of high pump shoes that will certainly make you stand out. For the second look I wanted something a little more theme like, ‘rough’ looking and military inspired and the barerose jacket and TOSL sergeant pepper pants were essencial for this look. Hope you like it. ❤ Uma.

sweet chic

Indie Militia

*click pics if you want to see it big*

Details :

‘sweet chic’ look

Hair – ‘Sari’ (brown) by Kin

Shirt – ‘Volpe Silk blouse peach’ by Casa del shai

Skirt – (part of) ‘Cosmo’ [chocolate] by Truth

Socks – ‘color socks flamingo_a’ by Kurotsubaki

Shoes – ‘Giraffe heels’ by [Riddle]

Bag – ‘padington tote [Mocha]’ by Truth

Mani – ‘lacquer plum’ by Detour

‘Indie Militia’ Look

Hair – ‘Enid’ (brown) by Kin

Scarf – ‘draped scarf – olive knit’ by Tyranny

Dress – ‘Cosmo [chocolate]’ by Truth

Jacket – ‘Cross bones lady’ (black) by barerose

Pants – ‘sergeant pepper pants v2.3 black’ by TOSL

Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (brown) by Maitreya