Gaga Rock

Hai! This time around I decided to put an outfit together based on my fav hair of the moment. Yesterday I was told it was very ‘lady gaga’ so that inspired me to put this (rock-like) outfit together and shoot some. Lately I’ve been more inspired in a ‘conceptual’ way to see clothes and especially take pictures of/with. Not that I succeed though. Ehe. Normally you wouldn’t see me in these kind of boots but for this particular shoot and look I think they were appropriate and I wanted to know how well I could pull it off. I liked the end result but for a more normal/cute look you could wear some uggs or winter boots maybe even add some color to the whole white outfit. Hope you like it ❤ Uma.

Gaga Rock

Gaga Rock I

Details :

Hair – ‘Enid’ (white) by Kin (slightly modded linked parts)

Jacket – ‘Fur Parka’ by barerose

Leggings – ‘White leggings’ by M * A * ii * K * I

Boots – ‘side lace-up thigh high boots’ by J’s

Frames – ‘Madrid black’ by Mokoptica

Gloves – ‘white gloves’ by DoMoCo


5 thoughts on “Gaga Rock

  1. Polina.K says:

    Ohhhh I love this Parkaa , fur look nice on it and on second look , the eye just over the glasses is just so vain looking ! <33 I like the hair too , but the bang remind me of one of the last Onyx’s hair . xxx

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I agree, the bangs on this hair are indeed similar to ‘Sun’ one, this hair itself is slightly different though, because one side is longer than the other and the tips are different. I love both no doubt and this parka is gorgeous, I’m such a barerose fan! You can’t beat those prices, it comes with a black one aswell. ehe, and yeah vain that’s what I was looking for. xo

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