Hai everyone! After an awesome busy, cold weekend I’m back again. I’ve been wanting to play around with some pictures but then I got lazy again and didn’t finish what I wanted to and made it simpler for blog just to display the outfit I’ve put together. Yesterday I was in a nuts mood and didn’t know what to wear so then, I  saw Maddox with this awesome MRM jacket and just for curiosity I went to check them out myself. I wasn’t sure I’d find a girls version but there it was. This was basically my inspiration for the pics, and the outfit itself. See, it was the scarf (which is color change) in the jacket that combined with the rest gave me this feeling of a very slight steampunk inspiration. Not that it’s obvious, but that’s how I felt once the whole look was put together. Hope you like it, ❤ Uma

steamy I

steamy II

Detail :

Hair – ‘Happy’ (brown) by 69

Hat – ‘peony red’ by wild o!

Jacket – ‘wool coat heerringbone red’ by [MRM]

Pants – ‘check pants’ by untone quilt (free)

Shoes – ‘mody pinup burgundy patent’ by Stilleto Moody

Glasses – ‘afro13 steampunk’ accessory by Mayamaya creations

Socks – ‘ribbon knit socks’ (gray) by sUmi

Manicure – lacquer plum by Detour


5 thoughts on “Steamy

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    😀 Elizabeth Yeah, the jacket is awesome, there’s a checkered option too. What I love about it is that is very well made and smart detailed ‘color change’ scarf. Really good, and the pants are so cute and FREE. Must have ❤ MUAHS

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awe, some clothes just inspire us, and lately I’ve been in a more creative mood instead of just putting outfits together I try to make the pictures relevant. Thanks much Elisabeth and happy you like it. xox

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