Happy New year!!

Wishing you all a happy new year! If possible Better than the last! ❤ Uma.


May this new year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

*Hair by coif

*headpiece by Triangle Caudron

*top by Armidi

*Skirt by *creamshop*

*Leggings by *fishy strawberry*

*Shoes by Royal blue

*clutch by NF (no longer available)


Can you tell I’m feeling all better? Yes I am. These last days, sick, in bed, grumpy and complaining about everything are ending, hopefully. I have been praying to get better in time to welcome 2009 in style.  So, leaving pjs and putting on some clothes (yay I got my inspiration back aswell)!! I have been planning to put an outfit together with this new release from Gisele, the collar is amazing and when I saw new ce cubic’s long jacket I knew what to wear it with, but since they were both jacket layer, I had to go for the collar and pair it with different layers. Comfy but stylish. ❤ ❤ ❤ it. Hope you do aswell. xoxo Uma.

2008 leaves

2008 leaves

Details :

Skin – ‘Freya’ by [the oBscene] (at black swan)

Hair – ‘Hoke-Troika’ (black) by Gritty Kitty

Jacket – ‘ Leather & Fur Long Coat’ (gray) by ce cubic

Collar – ‘enroulement (ecru) drape’ by [Gisele]

Sweater – ‘Skullll Knit&Shirts’ by **NWYD**

Pants – ‘DNM pants’ (brown) by BP*

Socks – ‘wool tights’ (argyle black) by BP*

Warmers – ‘*Leg_knit (midnight)’ by [Pure Style]

Shoes – ‘Glamour metallic pumps (gold’ by Detour

what’s in…the bag!

I finally gave in and decided to give you a sneak peek of what’s in my bag. SCD challenge is so much fun and easy to do. I’ve been sick for the last 5 days, spent almost all christmas in bed but I feel better now so why not? ❤


So what’s in uma’s bag?

0. the bag, one of many…but I usually go for big ones and usually leather.

1. gum/godiva dark choco pearls (ah, >_<)

2. cellphone! duh.

3. ipod (can’t live without music)

4. ‘old’ cam and memory card 😀

5. easy reading (vogue portugal)

6. good reading (yukio mishima – ‘confessions of a mask’)

7. black book (shhh, drawings, notes, words…)

8. wallet (credit cards mostly)

9. cigarette case/ciggies/zippo (old gift from my sissy)

10. (one of many)  guccy ‘envy me’

11. make up bag. 😛


too cool (or is it too early) for christmas?

Uh. Ah, For all of you who know me, even if a little bit know by now how nutsy I can be or how much fun I like to have especially if there’s drunkies envolved. In order to hang out with friends (and because I can) I usually have to stay up later than I should. That means staying up so late you probably don’t believe it or don’t know how it feels like. So yes, its 8:20am here but the fact I’m still here it’s because, once I start something I can’t rest till I finish it. It’s oficially ‘christmas eve’ and I haven’t seen my bed  in what seems like, ages. I know you don’t wonder why though, but I will tell you nonetheless, see, I was stuck in a place called heaven (or hell depending on your point of view from last night) a.k.a the starlust motel celebrating early christmas. If  (in any case) you haven’t been there lately, make sure you do, lots of presents at the lobby and plenty of love to be shared.  But what brought me back to blogging (not this outfit, I’m ‘almost’ sure.!) ..was the fact I do want to wish you a happy HAPPY christmas!!… filled with love (and surrounded by it), and loved ones, and presents but mostly positive energies and thoughts for the nex year! I don’t know what it will bring us and I’m not sure if I’ll stick around or just slow down a bit, but either way, I wish you all the best and if I don’t come back before the ‘next’ year, have a great new years eve!!!. ❤ Uma

cool christmas

Don’t be mistaken by the whole ‘blackish’  attitude yah?  The fact I didn’t choose to go all whitey, snow, horn-ey (and believe me I struggled not to, hey ‘sexyhorns??’ )  like attitude here, it’s just because I’ve decided to show you a little bit more of how I feel like, and how I’d prolly look tomorrow night (minus the hat?..and the hangover?). I know, way less sweet than the last posts..and probably nothing new, but pretty ‘real’ for me. :O

cool christmas

Details :

Hat – ‘Fedora_Houndstooth’ By akeyo

Hair – ‘ *Anne*(Cinnamon)’ by Zero Style

Jacket –  ‘Jacket(Navy)’  by *coco*

‘Shirt’ – ‘sweat cardigan Shirt + T/navy’  by Dp YumYum

Pants – ‘ Flare trousers_pants(cocoa)’ by !_Ce Cubic effect

Socks – ‘Mokomoko Socks / Argyle Navy’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Shoes – ‘High Oxfords Shoe Base Size’ by Tesla

eyes by glanz smoke by fnky, but if you do have to, choose marlboro :p
listening to  Cat Power – naked if i want to

Sweet melody!

2 days for christmas and things becoming hectic. I bet all of you are running back and forth with the last minute pressies, who isn’t? This year has been warmer than the last christmas and it’s around 68ºf outside. Whats that for christmas time? Aha, but I can’t really stand too much cold so I’m good. Today  I bring you another oh ‘too sweet’ outfit. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Also, I decided I would show you the new beauty avatar line of skins – Melody. These fell on my lap today and while choosing for the right make up to go along with the whole look I’ve realized I liked them all too much. I hardly ever change my shape for skins and in this case is no exception so when trying a new skin, it is extremely important that I like the face because I will not change my shape for it. These are flawless, the eye make up is perfect in my opinion, and though you can’t see a lot of difference between them, its in the glossy lipstick range that these difer and I love all the color palette. Beautiful! ❤ Uma

sweet melody

melody skins

Details :

Hair – ‘Morgan – Mahogany-Night’ by Truth

Eyes – ‘darkbrown eyes’ by LBD

Skin/Skins  ‘Melody skin – natural’ by Beauty Avatar

Jacket -‘Ruffle coat (brown) nikukyu’ by MNK*SHOP (comes with longer jacket version)

Skirt – ‘mizutama skirt’  by Bombon

Shoes – ‘Newtown Wedge (lead) by Truth

Gloves –  ”Sky blue gloves’ by En Svale

Bag – ‘VAIN-bag-BROWN’ by Cachet

listening to Tricky – puppy toy

Late night goodies!

It’s around 3am for me right now but I could not resist coming back. I have been waiting almost inpatiently for csr. I am a true fan of the csr rally, mostly because the designers participating in it are some of my favorites and all the things are REALLY worth having. Stores like shop seu, 69, ce cubic, dp yumyum, gritty kitty (and much more) all united to bring us some of their most unique creations. I decided to put an outfit together with 3 of csr goodies. 69 hair(which comes in all colors)  and ce cubic bolero, while i sketched in gritty kitty’s (csr goodie) sketchbook. ❤ ❤ <3.  I have actually modded 69 hair and took the beret off for this post but there’s also another option without the bangs and the beret is color change. Of course, I can’t get over new redgrave boots aswell, I stole you a pair from your closet Stein <3. I so wish the men’s version was mod, because I would totally buy them aswell. Also big thank you Mia <3, for the christmas gift. Totally my favorite necklace now!  So guys, make sure you stamp all your cards, and do csr rally, it’s always so worth it. ❤ Uma

csr goodies

csr goodies I

Details :

Skin – ‘Kiara – cateye pale skin’ by Redgrave

Hair – ‘FISHNONE 01 + BERET  – charcoal’ by 69 (csr gift)

Bolero by Ce cubic (csr gift)

Top – ‘Janess – brown’ by Beauty Avatar

Belt – ‘COLOR-BELT old-Leather’ (lucky chair gift) by Bukka

Jeans – ‘ Lowrise Jeans Original [Jet]’ by Armidi

Boots – ‘Girls’ Biker Boots  (Sand)’ by Redgrave

Sketchbook by Gritty kitty (csr gift)

Necklace by Miabella Foxley

Little drop!

Namasté! ❤ Uh, been feeling a little uninspired lately, mostly because we had such a rush on new releases lately that I feel I’ve shopped for the whole year already and haven’t seen anything exciting lately. However, putting clothes together is never a problem for me, I could get distracted for hours dressing up and down and changing and what not. Today is one of those days I have digged on my closet for things I already had and felt like putting together.  Another friday, yay, and the last before christmas. Get your socks ready ❤ Uma

casual kawaii

casual kawaii I

Details :

Hair – ‘egle’ (black) by Muism

headband – ‘ribbon holic katyusha o1’ by Honey Kitty

Vest – ‘fall vest (green)’ by Dernier Cri

Sweater – ‘chunky knit (mist grey)’ by MALT Fashions

Skirt – ‘ella copper green velvet skirt’ by Zagoskin

Leggings – ‘leggings grayscale’ by Cachet

Shoes – ‘suede bootie (pink) by *COCO*

Bag – ‘saggy bag antilope fur/dark” by Cachet

warmers – ‘arwarmers – midnight set – grey’ by Maitreya