System overload

OH yeah, I’m back (or black) for more! Who would have thought I’d do an 180º degree turn from ‘retro’ to urban that fast. But yes! Soooo…this time I decided to put an outfit together, that came out of the blue and turned to, basically umm, black. As I was dressing ‘up’ today and listening to Love lockdown from Kanye west, everything made sense and came together.  Some time ago Omnia oh has presented me with some upcoming skin releases from beauty avatar, and little did I know I’d fall for so fast for ‘Diana’. However, I have to say this skin is amazing, I haven’t changed my shape for it at all, and even though I didn’t, I love the way it looks. This chocolate color skin is just yummi, plump glossy lips, perfect tone, great features. AH, the finishing touch I needed for this whole look. For blogging I usually think of the best way to put an outfit together, and that not only means clothes but skin, background and basically the right attitude. That being said, I hope you like it. ❤ Uma.

system overload

System overload I

Details :

Hair – ‘ASHIME’ (black) by C&H

Skin – (first pic) ‘Diana black skin 07’ (second pic) ‘Diana black skin 01’ (soon to be released)

Jacket – ‘039 RAS PARKA BLACK’ by Marinesta

Shirt –  ‘Longshirt “Boarder” blue(inner)’ by (Roo)

Skirt – ‘black high waist’ by Emery

Pants – ‘Skinny jeans yellow’ by Emery

Shoes -‘Slinky stilletos (white)’ by Maitreya

Necklace – ‘Natural Stone Necklace  turquoise’ by Swallowtail

Gloves – ‘Full Finger Gloves Dark Teal’ by DoMoCo

Bag – ‘Twiggy bag_Records resize’ by Baiastice

Glasses – ‘White & Gold Vintage Shades’ by [SpeXx]