Vintage rétrospectif – ‘the secret keeper’

While usually my style is more modern looking, it’s always a little bit retro/vintage inspired. Irl and in my country is not always easy to find second hand shops with great vintage or retro pieces, and when it doesn’t happen the best way to achieve that kind of ‘style’ is looking for what I’d call visually inspired pieces. You know, the kind that aren’t really vintage but look like it. However, in sl that’s all we have. So today that’s what I chose to put together. In this outfit I feel very feminine/girly and old fashioned looking, with a ‘modern’ twist. There are a few pieces I’d say they could be found in a second hand shop, like the corsage or the bag and the checkered ‘dress’. In fact they were real bargains. The check dress is very similar to a rl one I have called ‘the secret keeper’ by a french designer and it only cost me 12L. The corsage was only 15L so if we had anything similar to a thrift or second hand shop pieces these would probably be it. Now, in the last two posts I’ve been sporting different skins, this one was sent to me by Ai Baroque, owner of Lyriope skin and basically as soon as I tried it on, It didn’t feel like the typical glowy, over the top make up, I felt very comfortably natural with it. For me, skins are all about the face and this one just exhales ‘strong personality’, and has a somewhat androgynous expression to it. if that makes sense to you. Also, if you happen to check the store I got the checkered dress don’t expect much clothing, its basically a hair store and they’re all around 60L. Hope you like this look. ❤ Uma

secret keeper

the secret keeper

what is she wearing?

Hair – ‘Nika’ (nutty brown) by Diversity hair

Skin – ‘Heloise orchid’ by Lyriope skins

Top – ‘chenicc black’ by C&H (candy house)

Sweater (under) – ‘turtleneck shirt (black)’  by shop seu

Skirt – ‘attitude skirt’ (red) by *Hexed* (mod/made the lenghth even and shortened the skirt)

Socks – ‘Winter socks’ by sock shop

Shoes – ‘venetia pumps’ (silver) by *fishy strawberry*

Corsage – ‘hair accessory n04 chest’ by Mayamaya Creations

Armwarmers – ‘set of 3/midnight)’ black by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Black Dream’ by *coucou*


11 thoughts on “Vintage rétrospectif – ‘the secret keeper’

  1. Elise Petrov says:

    Just wanted to say that I love your style! This is my favorite blog to read and I love to go and browse through the diff shops you mention!!! Well done!! ❤ Elise

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thanks so much Elise, for sharing that with me. Happy you do, basically because this is one of many passions so it’s nice to know other people like it. Ah, and shop finding, one of my favorite hobbies. ❤
    Vixie, thank you, ^^ the bags are really cute, I just wish there was a wider line of bags apart from the ones matching the kimonos. In fact I hope there will be soon. ❤

  3. Amelya_h says:

    Dam you Uma! Just when I think you cant get any better you go and outdo yourself…again! Always the inspiration hun, keep up the amazing work
    Hearts and X’s

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Your words warm my little pixel heart, ehe, and motivates me to keep up. Mostly have fun doing it. Thank you Amelya!! xoxo ❤

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