So I’m back to what I’d call the ‘look of the day’ (or the day before). For some reason this whole outfit reminds me of the ‘newspaperboy’ look. Maybe because of the cap, which reminds me of the late 19th (early 20th century) trend of berets amongst the boys and young adults of the time and became associated with the newsboy look. Ok, so putting it that way I’m not sure I look feminine at all? But I do think It looks cute. Contradict me if I’m wrong. The long shorts are an ‘old’ kurotsubaki item I have always loved so I’m happy to after a year take them out of the closet and wear them again. Plaid? Check. The bag is from plod, which I’ve blogged before, only this time I chose to wear the 2nd option called ‘Travel’, (made it smaller) and I think this is one of those looks that would be missing something if I didn’t wear it. Both beret and the awesome jacket with this worn/vintage look can be found at Malt fashions a store that I like to visit once in a while. I could’ve worn a million different haircuts here, but the awesome ‘sun’ from maitreya did give it a little edge to the whole boyish look. Hope you like it, ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Sun’ (nuts pack) by Maitreya

Hat – ‘Classic Gabroche hat’ (grey) by MALT fashions

Shirt (under) – ‘Neo Japanism’ by *ROARS*

Jacket – ‘Callie Coat – Calico’ by MALT fashions

Shorts – ‘check shorts’ (comes with skirt option) by Kurotsubaki

Tights – ‘Woolen tights’ (petroleum) by Persona

Shoes – ‘Beauchamp Heels’ (red sea) by Gbberish

Bag – ‘LeatherShoulderBag – Travel’ by plod


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