This is not laundry day.

And this is definitely not how I dress when i do my laundry. I had put this outfit together on friday but since then I couldn’t log back.  So first thing I did when I logged back was shoot it. Don’t ask me why I’ve shot it with my laundry machine, because I have no excuse but being tired and hungover. However if anything, you should check ‘blonde’. I’m a sucker for retro objects, and furniture and this store is heaven on slearth for great retro looking (especially kitchen) furniture. I don’t think you’ll resist it!! ❤ Uma

landry girl

laundry girl 2

Details :

Hair – ‘summer chignon’ by BP*

Headband – ‘Hair bow headband’ by [Y.M.X]

Jacket – ‘cowchan coat’ by Bellange

Top – ‘Carmela – nude’ by Michami

Shorts – ‘Denim shorts brown’ b MALT fashions

Socks – ‘kushukushu kutsushita’ (brown) by shop seu

Boots – ‘Billow boots pearl’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Raaf 2009 gold’ by Baiastice

Laundry machine by BLONDE


11 thoughts on “This is not laundry day.

  1. Rinka Watanabe says:

    I love the coat! Seems so warm!

    By the way, I have to say I allways look your blog, your style is unique! I like it so much.

    PS. Hope you doesn’t matter I have added in my blog ^^

  2. belochkashostakovich says:

    The look is fab but I want to give a special thank you for showing your washing machine. lol Okay not nuts but I visited Blonde and it’s a great place! Thank you so much as I’d never heard of it before. 😀

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi Yse, it is indeed, you can find bellange in Albata here is the slurl : !! ^^
    Rinka!! I’m happy you do, Thank you so much! ^^
    Thank you Channen I agree, carmela is awesome, especially the bodysuit. Great details, very elegant. I am wearing gloves yes, but I’ve blogged them a thousand times, theyre DoMoCo gloves. I tend to wear them a lot. 😉
    Hi beloch, thanks, you have no idea I fell in love with blonde as soon as I saw the fridge. lol. Isn’t it great? I’m glad you liked it.
    elka *LOL* I know right? When I saw yours my jaw dropped. I was like wth? Hows that possible. aha, but its awesome anyways. ❤

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    It’s so comfy looking that it almost warms me rl just by looking at it. I so agree, I wish I had one like this irl to wrap myself in it, one of those lazy sundays thing. Thank you Dahlia ❤ muahs!

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