Cool things to keep you warm.

Today all I can think about is feeling comfy and warm, so it’s more likely to see me dress down and in a really ‘crazy’ looking way. Cold weather’s coming our way, it doesn’t snow in this spot of the world but it’s as cold as if it would.  So I chose just a couple of things from a couple of stores around the grid to fill the winter ‘corner’ of our closets. Skin flicks has (recently) released a couple of really gorgeous and warm looking sweaters and cardis (and a bunch of more stuff) and En svale a really cool jacket (aswell as some cute dresses im not featuring in this post). Burt’s Laundry boots are just too cute and too comfy, and because that’s what I was wearing today, I wanted to point them out, for the ones who haven’t checked burt’s landry lately or at all.
cool things to keep you warmz
But my favorite piece of it all, if I had to choose is the fur jacket I’ve found at PureStyle, now the awesome thing about it is that is entirely made of prims, which are resizable by touch. This way you can wear it with a jacket layer which makes our ‘work’ way easier when we’re mixing and matching and playing with layers. It fits perfectly! For all of you who haven’t checked it yet, do it, it’s worth it. It has all the basic colors, black grey white and brown and 2 or 3 more with animal prints. I might do a couple of more outfits with it in the future, maybe dress it up a little more.  If you’re still eager to spend some more money there don’t forget to check the small ponchos, they’re super cute. ❤ Uma
cozy warm

Details :

(top pic from left to right)

‘Christy sweater’ by Skin Flicks

‘B-3  Jacket’ by En Svale

‘Mary Ann Sweater’ (black) by Skin Flicks

‘Knit point boots’ by Burt Laundry

‘Over Knit’ (gray) by *~PS~*

(bottom pic)

Skin – ‘Moscowpale-1a’ by MMS

Hat/cap – ‘Knit booooooo!!! Knit cap’ by .:::: dEVOL ::::. (comes with hair option aswell)

Hair – ‘Envy’ (blackishbrown) by 69

Coat – ‘FurCoat (Gray)’ by [PureStyle]

Sweater – ‘Christy sweater’ (beige) by Skin Flicks

Pants – ‘Leggings beige’ by **DP**yumyum

Boots – ‘Knit point boots’ by Burt Laundry

Camera – ‘Shoulder camera (black) by Saya

Trunks by En Svale

7 thoughts on “Cool things to keep you warm.

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Nooooooooo! What are we girls without shopping? >_<
    The fur jacket is amazing, check check! muahs! ❤

  2. Abra Exonar says:

    I love it, I love it. You are so darn cute. SO DARN CUTE!! I want yer chocolate for mah self. (Wow, that sounded a bit dirty *ahem*.) And eeeee, again, same wave length!! I had never been to Skin Flicks (that I can remember) but stopped by on Tuesday and scooped up some sweater-y goodness. BTW, there is another prim fur coat out there- Parallel Love! It’s a lil cheaper and a lil more puffy. Now we can have two. ;p BTW, I’m going out of town this weekend and can’t do it myself, so I am expecting you to blog the new Giselle necklaces. Not to do it would be a shame- They are so gorgie, and so US! <3<3<3

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    elka<3, your pixel food obsession was def an inspiration, I used to not leave the toast at home, now we see lots of pixel food around and it’s awesome.! and I just love this choc bar, wasn’t just for the pic. *lol* Hi ale, sure thing, you can find it at hbox, but here’s the slurl:
    Abra!!! Thank you! ehe, I was at skin flicks the other day, but decided to wait to do a gathering-warm-goodies-post-thing, because I’ve been lazy. >_< Thanks for the tips, will check on gisele, I have always loved that store. ❤ muahs

  4. skya says:

    A bit late to this post… Loved the outfit! However, I cannot find either *~PS~* nor [Purestyle] in search. Help? *smiles*

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