I have witnessed my laptop’s death.

Yes, it finally happened. Without any warning, my little pet just shut down and refuses to turn back on. It’s definitely a virus (or a whole army of them), I can feel it eating my laptop’s ‘brain’ and I’m going to try and format it, or whatever I need to do to make it work and probably lose a lot of information and programs and what not, but, until it comes back to life again (which may take one day, two or even a month) there will be no second life, no blogging, no Uma, no nothing. OMG, I’m freakin out. 😦  wish me luck. </3 Uma


21 thoughts on “I have witnessed my laptop’s death.

  1. shelby! says:


    Join the club…this sounds so familiar to me!
    My laptop is braindead since almost a month now. They’re trying to make it
    work again in the factory and in the meanwhile i’m frustrated with my old school laptop that even has troubles to check a simple blog!

    I hope yours will get fixed sooner then mine does cause this sucks big time!
    Hell to all fucked up laptops..

    Good luck! shelby x

  2. Mo Miasma says:

    I just did it yesterday! Wowly belive it or not its actually good cause SL runs better and all, damn i ll miss your stuff by then, good luck Uma.

  3. steinbutt says:

    Haha bish! That’s what you get for making us all look so bad.

    Pshaw, we miss you already! Hurry up and get back here before you detox on all this fabulousness!

  4. Abra Exonar says:

    *le sniff* omg, this happened to MY laptop this summer, in June. It is so heartbreakingly frustrating- I feel ya girl. I still have mine sitting in my closet, filled with all my old photos, waiting for the day I’d rather spend a cool grand retrieving all the data from it. (Instead of buying shoes, or paying bills 😉 Hopefully yours is not as ‘dead’ as mine, which is drop-dead, dead. I defected to the Mac side of computers after windows let me down. I’m liking it. Good luck and HB ASAP. <3<3

  5. Emy Aker says:

    I wish you luck and hope to see you back on sl very soon !
    You’re lucky all the saves in sl are kept in a server
    and not in your own computer! lol
    Glad to know you =3
    xo xo ❤

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you ALL for your really kind and sweet words. I have been able to at least watch the blog and watch the feeds and log in to my email on an old (shared) computer I have , but not been able to download sl or do anything else. I’m missing on so much already 😦 I wouldn’t wish this to my worse enemy (though I don’t think I have one). It’s sad, I’ve taken my laptop to be fixed already but they didn’t say when it would be fixed or IF it will be fixed. Meanwhile I’m happy to see Glam’s new issue is out already (and it looks amazing!), I was a guest stylist/model there, for the ‘avenue’ editorial, photographed by Minnu, I hope you enjoy it. http://glamworldsl.com/magazine/ and I already miss blogging. ❤ to you all, Uma.

  7. Elenka Seiling says:

    Good luck Uma!!!
    We understand you…
    Oh… without shopping… it’s too hard…
    I send you all my luck!!!

  8. stokki says:

    You’re back! I come home from work and no blog post! LOL I was looking forward to it! ❤

    WB hunny, missed u

  9. Uma Ceawlin says:

    *slaps you big time* If you didn’t notice I’m back, for some time now. Hopefully it won’t happen again but if it does, I’m not sure I’ll be back as fast as I did. My laptop is a ‘dinossaur’, I’m afraid. xoxo

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