Ok so yeah, Hi again..

I told myself I would give blogging a rest for the next few days but while strolling around sl today I found this amazing little cute store that (correct me if I’m wrong) has never been blogged before. So, I KNEW I had to come back and share it with you. There is too much good stuff there to be passed unnoticed. The first thing that I noticed was the boa parka and the pea coat (there is two versions, for both guys and girls). Now, we all know Bombon’s pea coat and personally it’s one of my favorite, but when I saw this one I knew I had to get it aswell. I would have been happy already if that was the only good thing at this store, but no…there’s MORE. So here’s a couple of my favorite things (which I got) at **en svale** and what you (in my opinion) should check out.
things worth getting
But because I couldn’t wear it all, here’s just two of the outfits I’ve put together.
en svale
So what am I wearing?
Left outfit :
Hair – ‘heart 3’ (black) by Kurotsubaki
Dress – ‘Pile tunic’ by **en Svale**
Sweater (underneath) – (part of outfit) ‘Hunting season by [MG fashion]
Tights – ‘woolen tights’ (petroleum) by *PERSONA*
Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (cerulean) by Maitreya
Accessories :
Scarf – ‘BP*scarf with corsage’ (brown) by BP*
Bag – ‘Diana’ (brown) by barerose
Right outfit :
Coat – ‘Pea coat’ (girl’s version) by **en Svale**
Shirt (under) – ‘Long tank top’ (white) by Camie Cooper
Skirt – ‘Tiered_skirt(red)**nikukyu**’ by MNK*SHOP
Boots – ‘Billow Boots’ (cherry) by Maitreya
Eyes by bijou ’emotional eyes’ (silver)
Skin by redgrave ‘Lyla’
Mani by Detour ‘Lacquer’ (plum)
Also, I know I blog too much *LOL* so check previous posts, in case youre curious.