As some of you may have, I was honored and happy to be invited by Kotobuki and Emi to the preview/pre-opening of Bijou’s new store and sim – Bijouaholic. I took a little trip around the new store, which is bigger and more ambitious but I was also anxious to see the new outfits. I had a hard time choosing what I wanted the most, but finally after walking around bijou’s gorgeous store I had made up my mind. Congrats Kotobuki!! ❤ I was dressed in a very relaxed way, streetwear like, so I couldn’t resist showing you my ‘shopping day outfit’ aswell. I WAS COLD. *scroll down for bijou awesomeness* ❤ Uma
shopping day outfit
Of course it didn’t last long until I changed, regarding how I had just got new clothes. >_< I have to say apart from my favorite Bijou’s pieces, the shoes have a real important ‘role’ (lol) in these outfits. I was talking to Kotobuki when I noticed these fab shoes she was wearing, with funky purple heel color so I had to tp to that store and check them myself. To My surprise, I found more than I would even like to and of course spent more than I should. They’re awesome, I don’t know why I haven’t ‘heard’ or seen them before at all. I have certainly overspent my budget but came home as happy as a little girl in a candy store. ❤ Uma.
shoe lover
bijou outfit1
bijou outfit2
*click pics to view larger and sorry for the crap editing*
Details :
Shopping day outfit (1st)
Skin – custom skin by soda
Hair – ‘clara’ (black) by kin
Hat – ‘new era cap ginza’ by akeyo
Jacket – ‘military jacket’ (white) by AOHARU
Collar – (part of) ‘Minimalist sweater’ (tinted in gray) by No Face
Shirt – ‘tee gray {reno}’ by emery
Pants – ‘sweats’ (gray) by Naka-na
Sneakers – ‘white/black superstars’ by Soreal

2nd outfit :
Hair – ‘clara’ (black) by Kin
Collar – part of ’soraya bolero jumpsuit’ (black) by Ibizarre
Outfit – ‘Lux’ (black) by Bijou
Leggings – ‘abstract leggings’ (iron) by Bijou
Shoes – ‘Sugar ‘N spice’ (black/white) by AW Design

3rd Outfit :
Hair – ‘Marcelle’ by Coif
Outfit – ‘gilty fold’ by Bijou
Leggings – (part of MAX outfit) by Cachet
Shoes – ‘Schoo cheetah’ by AW Design

11 thoughts on “Bijou!

  1. Aradia Dielli says:

    AW shoes are amazing, I discovered them a while back when my husband sent me some from the exchange. The collection of shoes isn’t all that big, but what little they have is great. Love your outfit 🙂

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awes, thank you chalice!! I don’t think I am ehe, but I appreciate the compliment and the love. ❤ ^^
    Glad you like it Aradia and yes, shoes are amazing, so why hide them in the closet? <_< Maybe people just forgot about them. They were made for these outfits I guess, so, it was blog fate ehe. xoxo.
    Thanks for the ‘linkage’ Carissa and Sugar, it is totally worth waiting for, but it’s opening soon, soon! 😉

  3. Miabella Foxley says:

    I have been looking forward to the preview for weeks now and of course, yesterday RL called and needed me to stay overtime- (the voting lines didn’t help much)- so I never logged in to run my ass over there. Looks like i missed some awesome things, I’ll have to run soon and pick some up. The Lux outfit is so getting bought first. 🙂 nice job!

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awes, Mia, but you know what, I’d trade places with you! I would gladly be there supporting Obama, like I did as soon as I knew he won! Cheering like mad. lol. The Lux outfit is amazing, actually these two were my favorites no doubt.

    Thank you Elisabeth, ehe, I like it loose and comfy sometimes. New sim looks wonderful indeed.

  5. Emi Bade says:

    Thank you for your quick review for bijou :)) (I’m too lazy to post my styles on my blog so often LOL)
    I’m a big fan of your style 😀
    Your style is so original.
    I showed this post to kotobuki :))
    She was so happy to see your nice styles!!!
    Great work!!

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you so much Emi, for the invite and for the good/positive feedback!! I’m glad you (and kotobuki) liked it!! ❤

  7. Abra Exonar says:

    Love the outfits. You threw me for a loop though, as I kept wracking my brain about AW Design. How did I know that name, it was weird. Then I remembered that the Court X were my first ‘nice’ heels in SL. lmao. I hadn’t been there probably since then. Thanks for the reminder- the new shoes are hot!! ❤

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