Step back in time…

This look may seem a little old fashioned but it’s more reminiscent of a nostalgia for the past. I wanted to do something completely different from the looks I usually show you here, opting for muted classic colors, creams and browns with a vintage look. Pieces that put together smell and tell you more than what meets the eye at first sight. Bargain of the week? The skirt. It’s a system skirt but the cool wrinkle texture and the 50L price were the two reasons that made me get it. ALSO, talking about bargains, don’t miss out ETD’S 30L sale. Worth it if you thought twice about getting ‘that’ hair or that pair of shoes. You can do it now.  Heading back to shopping now and welcoming winter that’s knocking on the door. Warmer and maybe more colorful next time. ❤ Uma

Details :

skin – ‘vickey light wine’ by kao sands

Hair – coif – domina (auburn) by coif

hat – ‘elegant hat’ (black) by kurotsubaki

Blouse – ‘theo blouse’ (champagne color) by Cachet

Belt – ‘corset belt’ (chocolate) by +plus

Skirt – ‘chocolate parachute skirt’ by little rebel designs

Necklace/earrings – ‘pearl strand set’ by p.c.

Boots – ‘mistress boots’ (brown) by Detour


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