Leather Girl.

Because I’m a big fan of leather, especially boots and jackets, being cropped cuts or vintage styles, leather jackets have become sexier and more versatile, with cutting edge looks and still feminine. In sl it’s fun to see how they all fit us so perfectly. Take this supposedly ‘men’s leather jacket’ from AOHARU. It’s awesome, I love it and yes, who said we couldn’t wear ‘men’s clothes’? 😉 At least here we can pull it off perfectly (just had to mod the collar and sleeves a bit). It was the fur collar though, which striked my attention and what made me fall in love with it. This look however couldn’t be completed without this specific bag. I was going crazy trying to find the one, so a special thanks to Cayce who so quickly helped me find it. Yay. ❤ Uma

*as usual click pics to view larger*

Details :

Hair – ‘Envy’ by 69 (slightly mod by me)

Skin – ‘Moscow light 1a’ by MMS

Jacket – ‘Fur Leather Jacket’ (beige) by AOHARU

Belt – ‘Dark Brown Leather Belt’ by ”Reale”

Skirt – (part of dress) ‘Mirabelle’ (light gray) by =DeLa*=

Leggings – ‘Cherry blossom leggings’ by Kookie

Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (tan) by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Leather Shoulder bag’ by ::plod::

8 thoughts on “Leather Girl.

  1. Sonya.A says:

    I like the jacket , but what I love is the , bag , I think I saw it on another fashionista ;O , anyway I need to grab it ! <33

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    aha, you may have Sonya, that fashionista is probably Cayce (up there)!! Love it aswell. Thank you Cayce!!! ❤ xoxo

  3. Elisabeth Villiers says:

    Love the whole look! Love the jacket….I already had that. 🙂 Now, I want..make that “need”… the bag, been looking for something like that for a while. But I can’t get ::plod:: to come up in search. Do you have an lm? Wow, are you prolific…and talented.

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi Elizabeth, and ..thank you ^^ !
    Just try ‘plod’, it might come up in search? If not I’ll send you the lm myself as soon as I log. I do have to add the slurls as soon as possible. xoxo Uma.

  5. Elisabeth Villiers says:

    Uma, thanks…I had a lm in my inventory. Oops! I had been there before..just didn’t remember the name. Got the bag. 🙂

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