No day but today…

and this is the look I chose. I have been going through my trenchcoat corner and found out I have more than I thought I should, but they’re never enough and of course, Aoharu’s new trenchcoats reminding me of the burberry check pattern we all know so well had to be part of my closet. Only when I wore it, this whole look came up together. I wanted something comfortable, and care free but effective. Something that would work in any kind of situation, on a daily basis, when you’re not all dressed up but you keep it understatedly elegant and (casual) girly. Yes, sundays can be interesting! ❤ Uma

*click pic to view larger*
Details :
Hair – ‘white clover’ (brown) by (JUNWAVE)
Skin – ‘Moscow light’ (freebie from ghost hunt) by MMS
Headband – ‘gold parl katsusha’ by chicoco
Sunglasses – ‘Retro Chic Frames’ (brown) by FD/Fashionably dead
Necklace – ‘Kaya malachite necklace + black gold’ by { Zaara }
Bag – ‘Anya bag’ by Cachet
Coat – ‘Check Short Trenchcoat’ (brown) by AOHARU
Pants – ‘Jeans *moss*’ (Classic) by { Zaara }
Shoes – ‘Tuli Pumps’ (brown) by Shiny Things


7 thoughts on “No day but today…

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    That’s my ‘messy hair do’ and hungover glasses stokki!!! 😉 ❤ muahs im glad you likes.
    Hi Cathariana, Im sorry for the late response, the mms skins are in Ghost 12! ^^

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