cardi girl.

When I think of it, this isn’t much of the type of looks I usually do, but for some reason ‘preppy-girl next door’ (??) look suited me today. I could quote mama esmie (if you know me you certainly know her), she said I looked like a ‘well behaved’ girl today then added that I AM NOT. Well I could certainly refute that but let’s cut to the chase. My favorite pieces on these looks are obviously the cardigans, and again, for some reason I opted to show you two different looks, let’s say I like versatility. I met Katx by accident one day at Aoharu and after some bonding around lucky chairs (uh, mm yeah I do that sometimes, when I’m around them) I got curious about her little store. It turned out to be a very promising, and pleasing surprise. Lot’s of cute stuff and undeniable bargains. The cardis are definitely a must have and my favorite piece! On a small note, how awesome are these shoes? One of my best finds so far I have to say. They just made my day! ❤ Uma

Details :
Hair – ‘glamour long’ by Docomo (halloween hunt freebie)
Skin – ‘lyla’ (blue) by Redgrave
First look .
Cardi – ‘flower brooch cardigan’ (brown) by {bingo}
Shirt – ‘cambridge – ajan cream’ by Gisaci
Skirt and belt – ‘Josie Skirt’ by Ibizarre
Shoes – ‘akamaii’ (brown) by R2 Fashion
Bag – ‘bag10 deco’ by bbb/big boob boutique
Second look.
Cardi – ‘flower brooch cardigan’ (purple) by {bingo}
Shirt/Shorts – ‘cambridge – ajan cream’ by Gisaci
Shoes – ‘akamaii’ (brown) by R2 Fashion