I have been waiting ‘patiently’ for toraji to release her oh ‘so yummi’ coats and they’re finally here! I’m a big yumyum fan so it was hard to choose which coat colors and which look to post so again I’m doing a three in one! The coat comes with 4 different collars you can choose from, with or without corsage and fur collar, and they’re just irresistible! It’s also obvious my love for soho boots so those were the two things I couldn’t give up on! Hectic, hectic week, but never enough that we forget what to dress, even if we do it 3645464 times a day! ❤ Uma

Details :
First outfit
Hair – ‘ilias’ (black) by Uw.St. Uncleweb
Coat – ‘Aline coat’ (in blue) by **DP**yumyum
Leggings – by M*A*ii*K*I
Boots – ‘soho boots – leather intuition’ by Maitreya
Bag – ‘bottle clear set bag’ by Muism

Second Outfit
Hair – ‘Burly Hair’ (black) by Uw.St. Uncleweb
Coat – ‘aline coat’ (yellow) by **DP**yumyum
Shorts – ‘Grey capri’ by MALT fashions
Boots – ‘soho boots – boho chic’ by Maitreya
Umbrella ‘paraplu’ by Torrid Midnight

Third Outfit
Hair – ‘Wilma’ (browns pack) by MMS
Hat – ‘head dress’ by pic nic
Coat – ‘aline coat’ (green) by **DP**yumyum
Skirt – (part of) ‘second dress’ (black) by in the light (mod skirt)
leggings – ‘wifey love pack – sylar leggings’ by corduroy
Boots – ‘soho boots – boho shabby chic’ by Maitreya

5 thoughts on “yums!

  1. Miya Triellis says:

    I love this post so much! The 2nd outfit is my favorite of the three. I bought every single piece of it and the hairstyle is my new favorite one to wear. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. ^_^

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hai Miya and thank you!!! Uncleweb has lots of great hairs, I’m glad you liked the outfits! ^^ xx
    Sonya its so great, and it has a bottle, ‘drinking’ animation! It’s one of those things we could live without but at the same time…
    xo ^^

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    LOL No, but the bag comes with a water bottle aswell, and it has a drinking anim! It’s just fun and the bag is awesome. x

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