monday bargain.

OMG. For all of you who didn’t know, I have ‘lost’ my internet connection since friday and though rl made me feel busy till saturday, sunday and ‘today’ was hell for me. I was literally close to cutting my wrists IF insulting cable guys wasn’t so therapeutic. I am back though and back with a monday bargain, because, it is still monday for me at least. Fortunately I came back to everything I expected and more. First thing I did, appart from hugging and slapping friends, trying to avoid gossips and missing a whole lot of shopping was getting new soho boots from Maitreya. Onyx, could you please stop trying to kill me? They’re so good it hurts. The tartan coat is obviously, the little cute bargain I wanted to show you. Shanghai magic has the cutest stuff and this coat was my choice for today. For only 50 (mod) Lindens, how can you resist it? I have actually made a shorter version, but here I just took the belt out and replaced it with another one. Its lovely, at the store you can find 3 (or 4) different colors. so..enjoy ❀ and welcome me back (3 days away felt like an eternity) 😉

Details :
Hair – ‘egle’ by Muism
Coat – ‘shanghai tartan coat’ (black) by shanghai magic
Brooch – ‘camelia tweed noir’ by COCO&CO
Belt – ‘au di leather belt’ (white) by Armidi
Tights/pants – (part of) ‘MAX’ outfit by Cachet
Boots – ‘soho boots – cocktail grunge’ by Maitreya
Bag – ‘Focsani bag’ (lare) by Armidi/Gisaci