trust fund baby

This has been an hectic week, preparing for an editorial (which I’m so excited about) and trying to keep up with blogging. It wouldn’t be easy IF we didn’t have so many awesome releases lately, pushing and motivating us to shop, dress and blog. This time it was (again) Muism new fur jacket that made me come back and show you a modern, urban look but with some ‘vintage’ feel to it, mixing leather and modern plaid shorts WITH that vintage designer fur coat stolen from mum’s closet. Loved this jacket since I first laid eyes on and surprisingly there was no editing work needed to be done when I first put it on. Damn it, is my ‘love’ for Muism that obvious? Hope you like it ❤ Uma

Details :
Hair – ‘trish’ by Kin
Necklace – ‘fashion necklace gold’ by Jador
Jacket – ‘Yeti fur jacket’ (beige) by Muism
Top – (part of) ‘Keiko tunic’ (black) by Armidi
Shorts – ‘short pants’ (blue) by **DP**yumyum
Tights – ‘wool tights’ (argyle black) by BP
Boots – ‘billow boots’ (brown) by Maitreya
Bag – ‘Lucky Horseshoe’ (green) by Barerose/b@r