Plaid..plaid..and..oh, more plaid?

Or tartan, in any way color or shape you want! We could say it’s a big autumn/fall trend this year and its not different in sl! It can be worn in a variety of ways, skinny pants, jackets, dresses, skirts or scarfs, you name it. Rather than the traditional red tartans, this year, plaid embraces a palette of muted greys, blues, greens and browns. Whether it’s ‘preppy’, ‘grunge’ or ‘country chic’, it is back, full power! That’s why I decided to put on three looks, with the ‘recent’ Muism’s release of tartan pants, (of course) in a more basic way, because sometimes we’re a little limited in sl and this might just be the first of more ‘tartan’ dedicated posts. Mix it how you want! ❤ Uma

Details :
(look one)
Skin – ‘Moscow – pale makeup-7a’ by MMS
Hair – ‘Natasha’ by Dernier Cri
Scarf – ‘Minimalist – Carre de soie’ by NF (mod by me)
Jacket – ‘Pea Coat’ (red) by Ibizarre
Pants – ‘Tartan check pants – Macrae’ by Muism
Boots – ‘Bax ankle boots/black patent’ by Bax Coen
Bag – ‘crocodile skin – red’ by Muism
Earrings – ‘Naturelle N&E Crimson.silver’ by Lucas Lameth
(look two)
Skin – ‘Moscow – pale makeup 5a’ by MMS
Hair – ‘Wilma’ by MMS
Necklace – ‘SW necklace/gunmetal’ by [ICoN]
Bangles – ‘BG Bangle'(black/ivory) by [ICoN]
Bag – ‘Anya bag’ by Cachet
Top – (part of) ‘Keiko tunic dress’ (black) by Armidi
Pants – ‘Tartan check pants – Stewart’ by Muism
Boots – ‘Billow Boots’ (black) by Maitreya
(look three)
Skin – ‘Moscow pal makeup 6a’ by MMS
Hair – ‘ribbon’ by MMS
Sunglasses – ‘Jarvis Shades’ by p.c.
Top – (part of) ‘Ringleader of the torments’ outfit by Emery
Pants – ‘Tartan check pants – Scott’ by Muism
Belt – (part of) ‘Denim shorts’ outfit/color changing belt by Malt Fashions
Shoes – ‘Mishima dawn – shiny tan’ by Maitreya
Purse – ‘Clutch bag ‘zazu’ (crocodile garnet/red) by =DeLa*=

4 thoughts on “Plaid..plaid..and..oh, more plaid?

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    My RL Dad bought me this terrible red plaid jacket when I was 12. It was something made for a grandma- a blind one. He has no sense of women’s fashion, does ok for himself, or maybe he got a kick out of the look I could not suppress when I saw it. After that I had sworn off plaid for years. Then I went to private school and donned one of the quintessential plaid school girl skirts. I had warmed up to the idea by then. Now after seeing all the plaid on your site, kookie, muism’s scarf- now pants! eeee! I am red hot for it. You sold me girl. So long as Dad backs far away from my wardrobe. ;P

    Be careful what you post on here! You could post a potato sack and convince people it’s a good idea. boho-chic meets the farm…

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    oh Thank you Chalice, Im happy you think so. I try to create a look with pieces from dif. stores. It’s the best way to achieve a more personal look.
    Funny and witty you made me laugh with your comment Abra, I can say I also used to have a problem with plaid. >_< I’m glad I’m not the only one ehe.
    Am so Sonya, ehe, I thought it was a little of heidi klum, no matter how odd it sounds. Seen her like that. Carré trés mignon 😉
    xo. ❤

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