Ponchos and Muggy’s

So I’m back from a little weekend trip and brought you some cute ponchos and my fav comfy boots! This was my choice for the day, a casual, comfy look, perfect for the lazy day I’m having and how cold it’s getting over here! We have been witnessing a lot of poncho and ‘ugg’ like releases so I wanted to let you know about Ray Skin ones! Apart from being super cute and having a lot of colors and patterns to choose from, Ray Skin has at least 3 free ponchos you can choose from in case you don’t feel like spending! Look for thEm! I think I started something here, since on mondays I usually talk about one or two goodies! Coincidence but apparently became a pattern for me! Last but not least, Kookie has recently released these muggy’s, from the turn over flaps and tie’s on the sides, to the (red) tartan texture and the awesome attention on details, these are a little bit different from what you see around and a little more awesome, my new favs of the moment! Expect more tartan colors coming your way! ❤ Uma

Details :
Skin – ‘Hana’ by Redgrave
Hair – ‘Anna’ by Zero Style
Poncho/s – ‘(all) by Ray Skin (if not mistaken the blue is one of the freebies)
Skirt – ‘Denim Skirt’ (brown) by BP
Boots – ‘Muggy’s (red/tartan) by Kookie
Ear muffs – ‘Bunny ear muffs’ by Chapeau Tres Mignon


10 thoughts on “Ponchos and Muggy’s

  1. elka says:

    Haha, you read my mind! I was wearing same ponchos with same boots yesterday XD That or we’re either sooo fashiony that we always know what’s new when and where :3 Haha, HI5 sexy.

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Elka, darling, not only we have highly developed extra-sensory perception, but we do, indeed have the (same) awesome taste in fashion! Does that make us presumptuous? Nah. *floofs hair* LOL! *sarcasm* ❤ muahs!

  3. Abra Exonar says:

    Oh oh oh! I saw these on Kookie the other day. I’ve been spinning 10,000 different outfit ideas around the brown ones, though I think I must invest in some plaid ones too. oooo…

  4. Lolaa Michalski says:

    *Is too lazy to log in* A poncho is exactly what I need now, in RL AND SL. It’s super cold over here too. (42 degrees last time I checked) *Hides under your poncho with tea*

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Oh Abra, I wear them with everything!!! When we’re in that comfy/lazy look/feel what better thing that our little uggs! ^^ Plaid ones are beautiful!!

    *Hides Lola under her poncho* mmm Tea I want it now ❤

  6. cindy li says:

    =3 hi i have a purple one they look fablous on me with my purple shirt and purple boots ^^.

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