*Beauty Avatar* Rev

Beauty Avatar (if you don’t know already) is an ambitious project, providing you all with everything you’d need to find/have in just one place. From skins to jewelry, lingerie, shoes, clothes for both men and women and it’s doing it big! Omnia Oh was kind enough to provide me with some of my choices in their clothes department and I was happy to put a couple of outfits together. They have a wide range of clothes (and colors) from dressy to casual and they’re doing it with a close attention to detail and striving to achieve perfection. I have to say I personally admire their work on the skirts and clothes textures. Both wonderfully done! All of what you see here (apart from the scarves/hair and skin) is from Beauty Avatar. When you have a wide range of clothes (and colors) you can choose from, what else could be more fun than to mix them together and pull your own favorite/personal look? Here are some of my favorite pieces, fall never looked so perfect! ❤ Uma

Details :
(first pic)
Jacket – AMSTERDAM (brown) by *Beauty Avatar*
Dress – (includes grey jacket) ‘Charleston’ (brown) by *Beauty Avatar*
Boots – ‘AMANDA’ (cream) by *Beauty Avatar*
(second pic)
Top – ‘WICHITA’ (emerald) by *Beauty Avatar*
Under Top – ‘Minden 6’ by *Beauty Avatar*
Skirt – (part of) ‘PORTO CERVO’ outfit by *Beauty Avatar*
Boots – ‘AMANDA’ (blue) by *Beauty Avatar*

Hairs – ‘Nina’ by 69/’Chloe’ (browns hat/short hair) by Maitreya
Scarves – ‘Chunky Scarf/red&White’ by Muism/’gray muffler’ by *DP**yumyum/’Chunky scarf/Tassel brown’ by Muism