sneaker addiction – part II

You know how excited I get from time to time, when I find something I’m really into. Sneakers being one of those things, especially in sl, they’re breaking all the barriers and keeping it real each day that passes, and when I say real, I say the most realistic possible! This time is no exception and ‘sadly’ I think they can top my favorite akeyo ones! Oh yes, they’re THAT good! Here I show you, just two of the many colors they have in store. These warmed my heart today, especially being so cold outside! Mixed with the right and good quality pieces we certainly don’t need those high heels to still look good and ‘elegant’ on a tiring busy day! Ok, maybe you should reconsider the socks over pants, but hey! I am especially happy now that I own, the same exact pairs in both lives (though rl ones are a little more worn and have a little more character) and this is totally something *I WEAR* (in rl) high heels or not! ❤ Uma.

Details :
Hair – *Anne*Yummi (cinnamon) by Zero Style
Scarf – ‘Chunky scarf/large tartan red&white’ by Muism
Coat – ‘Lucy Coat’ (red) By Cachet
Sweater – ‘turtle sweater’ (in navy) by KUROTSUBAKI
Pants – ‘Dressage Dark Jeans’ by Last Call (no longer available)
Socks – ‘MokoMoko socks’ (red) by Untone Quilt
Sneakers (worn) – ‘Superstars white/blue/red’ by SOREAL
Shades – ‘numero 21 argento’ by *ottico*
Sneakers on box – ‘Superstars Classic’ by SOREAL


10 thoughts on “sneaker addiction – part II

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    elka!!! They doooooooo, ok, *breathes*, *calms down* I’m still in awe with them! They come with ‘male’ size and ‘female size’ (which is equal to zero) BUT, they can be resized, by clicking the shoes!
    *why do you think i was sitting on that cardbox?* LOL! ❤ muahs!

  2. elka says:

    elka (02:18:59) : Your comment is awaiting moderation

    Gotem, they are awesooooooooooomesauce!

    — Oh and I wish I was so skinny that chocolat-chan’s new socks would fit me as cute as on you!

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    LOL. I was lost in sl trying to figure out how to stop looking at my feet!…Also, my ‘rl avi’ reflects on my sl one, only in rl, (thank god) I don’t have probs with socks not fiting me! >_<
    and I bet you can make them look good, they’re modz. I bet they look good, I was actually thinking about making some bigger just in case. ❤

  4. Queen P. says:

    Awww best shoes on (virtual) earth, really 😉 Kwamey Pinion rocks…

    Going to stalk him to get some more shoes (yes, really… everybody should do the same hahaha)

    Great styling…!

    Soreal-sneakers addict for life 😉

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi Queen, totally agree, I’m hooked! I told kwamey how great his work is and can’t wait to see more and more coming ! Totally took it to another level! 😉

  6. bellatrixmai says:

    When i got the release notecard with picture i rushed over there and had to stand in line with about 10 other people around one vendor but they are totally worth it!! *beams and jumps up and down hugging her sneaks*

  7. Angela Selentiak says:

    omfg, when I get back I HAVE to get these, two months away from sl makes me miss the fashion. What was in 10 yrs ago in rl is IN NOW in SL. The detail on those sneakers is amazing. Thanks Uma for keeping me UP on the sl fashion while away ❤

    Love your blog.

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