How to make a difference

See, this is probably not an outfit you see and go WOW!..And, you probably recognize a lot of things in it. But if there’s anything I take great pleasure in doing, it’s grabbing what I already have and giving it a whole different look/twist. Reinventing it! That’s pretty much what I did with the top part of Gisaci’s (Lima) Trench Coat, by choosing to give it a ‘shirt’ look and pairing it with a highwaist skirt from ICING! I absolutely love the cleavage on this trench coat, and that was part of the reason I chose to wear it in a different way. I had been looking for a bow belt, but something I could be able to mod and make it big, since that was the whole idea behind this look/outfit. In the back of my head I was trying to figure out where to find exactly what I wanted and something a little more original than what we see around. I have to say I had to mod the hell out of this sweetest goodbye outfit, since the ‘belt’ was attached to the skirt but it was mod and (thank god) it was all I needed to finish this! ❤ Uma

Details :
Skin – custom skin by Soda skins
Hairs ‘Ava’ (pitch black/slightly modded on the tips) / ‘Wilma’ (beach blond) by MMS Hair
Top – ‘Lima Trenchcoat’ (bianco w/bianco) by {Gisaci}
Skirt – ‘Puma Jie’ skirt by ICING
Belt – (part of) ‘Day Dream’ by Sweetest Goodbye (unlinked skirt and front attachment/stretched to make it bigger)
Shoes – ‘Glamour Metallic Pumps’ (gold) by Detour
Earrings – ‘Dianni’ (gold) by =DeLa*=

7 thoughts on “How to make a difference

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hai Channen 😉 , sometimes it’s good to challenge our creativity a little bit more and make things (we already have) a little more interesting or unexpected! I’m glad you like what I do here, thank youuu! ❤ xx

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    LOL! You made me laugh now! Thanks, I GUESS?…No, it was not inspired in the 80s…and though I can kind of see where you come from with the ‘bow’ belt and all, I would have to opt for a really bad hairdo and Increasingly large shoulder pads on that shirt and probably really strong (not matching) colors and maybe a little glitz? Though I don’t remember the Dallas series, My mom did, and I have suffered enough. ❤

  3. Jyla Sachertorte says:

    OMG I was in high school (and beyond) in the 80s and I think I did own a few ensembles with bows…and very much the old Chanel blouses with fitted skirts..oh I love it. Trust me, Dallas clothes were horrifying and full of big shoulder pads..okay, so was designer wear but it was the 80s, everything was extreme.

    But this is much prettier and more tailored looking and honestly, I would wear something like this NOW. I love how you put these pieces together Uma..really you have an extreme talent for this, it’s flawless and now I am going to go and put this together! 😉

    Also, that soda skin is gorgeous! I can’t wait to have one made.

    I love this!

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    You’re right Jyla!…I can’t say I haven’t been inspired by the 80s a lot of times in my life (still do, we can’t always resist trends) but a selective inspiration! Also, if I had to look back, the 90s were just as No, kidding! well, maybe not! 😉 Jokes aside, Thank you for your inspiring words, I hope I can keep up, doing least as reasonable as I’ve done until now. ❤ Uma

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