Mellow Autumn

You might think I over did it with so many ‘layers’ and all but I really enjoyed putting this outfit together. Of course this is just my personal choice of look, slightly country(ish) inspired, with a little school girl touch. Japanese designers inspire me so and I am such a fan that most of the pieces you see here, are from japanese creators. If you go through most of my posts, there’s always a thing or two from some of my favorite japanese stores. Big fan, obviously. ❤ Uma.

Details :

Skin – ‘Jennifer’ (brown) by Redgrave

Hat – ‘Hunting’ (only cap) by Argrace (color changing – brown)

Hair – ‘Envy’ (darkishbrown) by 69

Vest – ‘Sculpted blanket vest green’ *UnToneQuilt*

Shirt – ‘Dans La Ville – Milano ashes’ (shirt layer) by Armidi/Gisaci

Sweater – (undershirt layer) ‘Turtle Sweater’ (navy) by Kurotsubaki

Skirt – ‘Denimskirt’ (black) by *UnToneQuilt*

Leggings – ‘Beige Leggings’ by **DP**yumyum

Socks – ‘MokoMoko socks’ (argyle/charcoal) by *UnToneQuilt*

Shoes – ‘real toe 2wayshort boots’ (beige) by J’s

Bag – Z bag’ (pet carrier) by zooby’s

Leather Girl.

Because I’m a big fan of leather, especially boots and jackets, being cropped cuts or vintage styles, leather jackets have become sexier and more versatile, with cutting edge looks and still feminine. In sl it’s fun to see how they all fit us so perfectly. Take this supposedly ‘men’s leather jacket’ from AOHARU. It’s awesome, I love it and yes, who said we couldn’t wear ‘men’s clothes’? 😉 At least here we can pull it off perfectly (just had to mod the collar and sleeves a bit). It was the fur collar though, which striked my attention and what made me fall in love with it. This look however couldn’t be completed without this specific bag. I was going crazy trying to find the one, so a special thanks to Cayce who so quickly helped me find it. Yay. ❤ Uma

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Details :

Hair – ‘Envy’ by 69 (slightly mod by me)

Skin – ‘Moscow light 1a’ by MMS

Jacket – ‘Fur Leather Jacket’ (beige) by AOHARU

Belt – ‘Dark Brown Leather Belt’ by ”Reale”

Skirt – (part of dress) ‘Mirabelle’ (light gray) by =DeLa*=

Leggings – ‘Cherry blossom leggings’ by Kookie

Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (tan) by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Leather Shoulder bag’ by ::plod::

ice cream ballerina.

I think today was the first time I chose to wear something and not change it for the entire day. It might say something about what I’ve put together here, I felt pretty and comfy, just like it should be and I love it. There isn’t much to say about it though, (or the title) besides pointing out the amazing job jb did with these boots. Again! ❤ Uma

Details :
Skin – ‘Hana’ (pale/natural) by Redgrave
Hair – ‘Laine’ (brown pack) by ETD
Headband – ‘glass ring katyusha’ by chicoco
Jacket – ‘full sculted knit jacket’ (dark gray) by Ce Cubic
Tunic – ‘Autumn tunic’ by Malt Fashions
Scarf – ‘Linen Stole Muffler’ (light beige) by creamshop
Bag – ‘DS bag’ (brown) by [ICoN]
Pants – ‘kogo skinny pants’ (old navy) by Armidi Limited
Boots – ‘real toe 2wayshort boots’ (beige) by J’s

No day but today…

and this is the look I chose. I have been going through my trenchcoat corner and found out I have more than I thought I should, but they’re never enough and of course, Aoharu’s new trenchcoats reminding me of the burberry check pattern we all know so well had to be part of my closet. Only when I wore it, this whole look came up together. I wanted something comfortable, and care free but effective. Something that would work in any kind of situation, on a daily basis, when you’re not all dressed up but you keep it understatedly elegant and (casual) girly. Yes, sundays can be interesting! ❤ Uma

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Details :
Hair – ‘white clover’ (brown) by (JUNWAVE)
Skin – ‘Moscow light’ (freebie from ghost hunt) by MMS
Headband – ‘gold parl katsusha’ by chicoco
Sunglasses – ‘Retro Chic Frames’ (brown) by FD/Fashionably dead
Necklace – ‘Kaya malachite necklace + black gold’ by { Zaara }
Bag – ‘Anya bag’ by Cachet
Coat – ‘Check Short Trenchcoat’ (brown) by AOHARU
Pants – ‘Jeans *moss*’ (Classic) by { Zaara }
Shoes – ‘Tuli Pumps’ (brown) by Shiny Things

cardi girl.

When I think of it, this isn’t much of the type of looks I usually do, but for some reason ‘preppy-girl next door’ (??) look suited me today. I could quote mama esmie (if you know me you certainly know her), she said I looked like a ‘well behaved’ girl today then added that I AM NOT. Well I could certainly refute that but let’s cut to the chase. My favorite pieces on these looks are obviously the cardigans, and again, for some reason I opted to show you two different looks, let’s say I like versatility. I met Katx by accident one day at Aoharu and after some bonding around lucky chairs (uh, mm yeah I do that sometimes, when I’m around them) I got curious about her little store. It turned out to be a very promising, and pleasing surprise. Lot’s of cute stuff and undeniable bargains. The cardis are definitely a must have and my favorite piece! On a small note, how awesome are these shoes? One of my best finds so far I have to say. They just made my day! ❤ Uma

Details :
Hair – ‘glamour long’ by Docomo (halloween hunt freebie)
Skin – ‘lyla’ (blue) by Redgrave
First look .
Cardi – ‘flower brooch cardigan’ (brown) by {bingo}
Shirt – ‘cambridge – ajan cream’ by Gisaci
Skirt and belt – ‘Josie Skirt’ by Ibizarre
Shoes – ‘akamaii’ (brown) by R2 Fashion
Bag – ‘bag10 deco’ by bbb/big boob boutique
Second look.
Cardi – ‘flower brooch cardigan’ (purple) by {bingo}
Shirt/Shorts – ‘cambridge – ajan cream’ by Gisaci
Shoes – ‘akamaii’ (brown) by R2 Fashion


I have been waiting ‘patiently’ for toraji to release her oh ‘so yummi’ coats and they’re finally here! I’m a big yumyum fan so it was hard to choose which coat colors and which look to post so again I’m doing a three in one! The coat comes with 4 different collars you can choose from, with or without corsage and fur collar, and they’re just irresistible! It’s also obvious my love for soho boots so those were the two things I couldn’t give up on! Hectic, hectic week, but never enough that we forget what to dress, even if we do it 3645464 times a day! ❤ Uma

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monday bargain.

OMG. For all of you who didn’t know, I have ‘lost’ my internet connection since friday and though rl made me feel busy till saturday, sunday and ‘today’ was hell for me. I was literally close to cutting my wrists IF insulting cable guys wasn’t so therapeutic. I am back though and back with a monday bargain, because, it is still monday for me at least. Fortunately I came back to everything I expected and more. First thing I did, appart from hugging and slapping friends, trying to avoid gossips and missing a whole lot of shopping was getting new soho boots from Maitreya. Onyx, could you please stop trying to kill me? They’re so good it hurts. The tartan coat is obviously, the little cute bargain I wanted to show you. Shanghai magic has the cutest stuff and this coat was my choice for today. For only 50 (mod) Lindens, how can you resist it? I have actually made a shorter version, but here I just took the belt out and replaced it with another one. Its lovely, at the store you can find 3 (or 4) different colors. so..enjoy ❤ and welcome me back (3 days away felt like an eternity) 😉

Details :
Hair – ‘egle’ by Muism
Coat – ‘shanghai tartan coat’ (black) by shanghai magic
Brooch – ‘camelia tweed noir’ by COCO&CO
Belt – ‘au di leather belt’ (white) by Armidi
Tights/pants – (part of) ‘MAX’ outfit by Cachet
Boots – ‘soho boots – cocktail grunge’ by Maitreya
Bag – ‘Focsani bag’ (lare) by Armidi/Gisaci