Classic Simplicity

I’ll make it short and sweet as usual! So yes, Cachet’s new collection/line is out and ready for you to grab it! Personally I’m happy to see some ‘more’ casual pieces, yet not common, with all the colors fall asks for and some wonderful pieces to mix and match with whatever you have on your closet! So I chose some softer tones, neutral classic ones for a change! Especially in comparison to my last post! Oh yes, while walking down the street this was what was playing on my ipod ‘kings of leon . sex on fire’ ! Go figure ❤ Uma

Details :

Skin – ‘Hana’ by Redgrave

Hair – ‘Model hair’ (light brown) by 69

Earring – ‘Dianni’ (gold) by =Dela*=

Jacket – ‘Ritta Leather Jacket’ (Natural) by Cachet

‘Skirt’ – (part of) ‘Nicolette Dress’ by Cachet

Stockings/Leggings – ‘Fisher Leggings’ (wood) by Fishy Strawberry

Boots – ‘Mistress Boots’ (brown) By Detour

Bag – ‘Portica Corsico’ by [Armidi/Gisaci]

Undenied Street Rocker

Oh! Hai and..I’m back! >_< I’ve been working on a little rl project so I’ve been lazy to blog, here’s what I’ve put together. I won’t say much about this outfit but actually ❤ it. Gogol bordello says ‘start wearing purple’! I say you should check this link first->


(click pic to view larger)

Hair – ‘Loelle’ by Maitreya (was a freebie at the time/edited/mod by me)

Scarf – ‘Super Scarf, frooosh’ by &Bean

Vest – ‘Biker Vest – grey’ by Muism

Top – ‘Isabella Tank Strapple’ by Emery

Belt – ‘Skinny Zebra belt’ by Irelyn

‘Skirt’ – (part of outfit) ‘Keiko – Tunic dress/palatinate Purple’ By Armidi (pants layer)

Pants – ‘Skinny Jeans – Salmon’ by Emery

Bangles – ‘Fish Bangles’ by Fishy Strawberry

Gloves – ‘Half Gloves’ by Royal Blue

Shoes – ‘pornstar xtra hi-tops’ (all white) by UBU

Skin – Soul Skins ‘Afrodite’

x Uma


I’ve been listening to Ladytron and it inspired me to put this outfit together. Looks a bit ‘electro’ influenced so I decided to blog the hell out of it. Total black with a touch of blue. Edgy but still simple. Also, You’ll be seeing these boots A LOT. My ‘new’ favs ❤

Hair : ‘Shirley 2’ by Truth

Jacket : ‘Zina fur coat’ by Skin Flicks

Dress : ‘Keiko Tunic Dress’ By Armidi

Boots : ‘La jalousie Suede Boots’ (moonlight) By Gbberish

Bag : ‘DS bag’ (in blue) by [ICoN]

Earrings : ‘Chandy earrings’ by p.c.

Frame of mind

Put into colors. With that thought in mind, I decided to put this outfit together. Red white and blue being the main colors. Kawaii casual. The mini hood is something I want to point out, since I haven’t spoken about Fishy Strawberry yet, a promising store, offering a refreshing funky, happy and colorful style. For the ones who don’t know it yet, find it, it’s worth paying a visit. ❤

Hair : ‘Hunting – Chiffon Curl’ by ARGRACE

Hood : ‘Mini Hood’ (light grey) by Fishy Strawberry

Dress : ‘amenohini-odekake’ (blue) by DP Serendipity

Shoes : ‘Stivaletto Pitone’ (blue) by Bolero Collection

Frame : ‘Frame 04’ by Atelier AM

And now for something completely different…

It is not about fashion this time, well at least not so obvious. I’ve missed taking pics and ‘playing’ with them so this is more like an experiment. I’ve gone for the ‘theatrical doll’ look, like the puppet with strings to maybe tell a little story/concept behind the outfit I’m wearing.  Suiting all moods and a wide range of fashion tastes (aswell as ‘pockets’), BareRose is a place where we can (also) find the most odd/unusual pieces and this time was no different. ‘It’s only a paper moon’ is an awesome and inspiring outfit. The skirt is something to die for, Unusual and with an unique look, whether you wear it for a theatrical look or as a Fashion statement, you won’t pass unnoticed. It is the Pièce de résistance on this outfit.

Details :

Skin – ‘Ripe’ (light skin/beauty pack) by fd/fashionably dead.

Hair – ‘Ribbon’ (platinum) by MMS

Eyepatch – ‘bloody eyepatch’ by Little Heaven

Hat – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

Collar – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

‘Jacket’ Layer – (part of) ‘Romantic Soliloquy’ outfit by p.c.

Top (under)/skirt/shoes – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

Bird – ‘Little Birds’ in (white/pastel cheek) by HPMD

Leg – ‘Sailor moon leg’ (tinted by me) by Mijn Boa (not for sale)

Falling Rain.

Unconsciously, I can’t wait for fall, for the ‘First night of fall and falling rain’. This is actually the title for a poem by Delmore Schwartz. I was ‘this close’ to share it with you since I thought it suited the whole feeling behind this ‘outfit’ but I decided not to and just talk a little about what I’m wearing without any subjective words behind it. I wanted to wear something a little ‘dramatic’ but very autumn-like when it suddenly started raining outside (rl yes). That reminded me of Torrid’s ‘paraplu’ umbrella (comes with 7 dif textures) and fantastic poses which were the perfect finishing touch on this look. Sometimes It’s hard for me to explain what goes on behind my process of thinking, or how to ‘label/name’ a certain look, because I’m influenced by a complete different variety of things, images, colors, moods, feelings (…) that trigger all my (sl/rl) creative processes, stuff just ‘blend’ into a certain mental image and voilá, things happen. Hope you like it…x

(click pics to view larger)

Details :

Hair – ‘Fedorable LaRoux’ (wheat) by TorridWear

Jacket – ‘Shine’ ~ Tan by AMODICA LOOKR

Vest – (shirt and underpants layer) part of ‘Damara’ outfit by Last Call

Top/underneath – (undershirt layer) ‘GlamTank’ (dyed by me) by MichaMi

Skirt – ‘Nell’ Sculpted skirt by Leezu Baxter/LBD

Stockings – ’31 silk black’ by *Sheer*

Shoes – ‘Button Boots’ (brown) by Shiny Things

Necklace – Cock?Swan? Necklace by creamshop

Umbrella & poses by Torrid Wear

Day to night!

Have you ever been in a situation when time is running out and you need to change from a day time look to a night out one, needing to change at lightning speed before someone’s picking you up? well, even if you haven’t there is always that one thought of, making the best out of what you have and how to reinvent your outfits so they can fit several situations and moods. This was my thought for today…Having one dress only as inspiration and doing two different looks by undressing some and only changing jackets and shoes. Bag’s optional. I decided to show off one I haven’t gone out with. ❤

Details :

1st two pics (day look)

Hair – ‘Mariko’ (dyed in blonde) by Dernier Cri.

Jacket – (part of) ‘Victoria Winter Sports Wear’ outfit by Skin Flicks

Dress (skirt) – ‘Flirtable Cocktail dress’ by Skin Flicks

Jeans – ‘Classic F’ by Calypso Giano

Shoes – ‘Chloe Sculpted Flats’ (purple) by L&E

Sunglasses – ‘Aviator Sunglasses’ (blue) by Emery

Camera – ‘(applesauce) Fisheye Camera’ by Krez McAllister (bought at ‘old’ Veezy)

Bag – ‘pochette verte’ by NF/No Face

Headphones – ‘headphones plain’ by booN

Last Pic (night look)

Hair – ‘Mariko’ (dyed in blonde) by Dernier Cri

‘Bolero sleeves’ – (part of) ‘Isabella dress’ outit by Skin Flicks

Dress – ‘Flirtable Cocktail dress’ by Skin Flicks

Shoes – ‘Black Ribbon short boots’ by Aoharu

Bag – ‘Reflection bag’ (black fur) by Queen Couture