THE ‘Z’!

Yes, I’m back!..and SO excited to show you a preview of the Z BAG, The Ultimate pet carrier! OMG! We already know Carrie Tatsu’s amazing work on zooby’s, the excellency of the sculpted pets and animations, but this time, I think it exceeded my expectations! I don’t know how to start describing this truly amazing bag! It’s every fashionista’s delight for sure! Sculpted, this bag contains a front chain, back chain, a pin, buttons, buckles, bone, key holder, straps and ten optional fabric textures to choose from. Each and every detail can be changed, from keyholder (two optional ones)to straps (brown or black), buckles, keyholder, you name it. Now, if this wasn’t enough, the puppy is also animated, allowing us to name it, play with and and make ‘him’ talk, bark, even the collar is color change and diamond optional!! I mean, could it be any better? If that wasn’t enough, the puppy carrier comes with two poses and a built in walking animation. The walking and the AO can be turned on or off and the poses allow you to hold the bag in two different positions but it’s also wonderful to see it works with ALL of my ao poses aswell! The attention on detail here is beyond belief! Truly amazing job Carrie! Here’s a sneak peek! ❤ Uma.

Outfit Details :
Hair – ‘Fedorable Laroux’ (platinum) by TorridWear*
Shirt – ‘Suede Half Coat’ (grey) by Ce Cubic Effect
top – (part of) ‘ringleader of th tormentors’ outfit, by Emery
Jeans – ‘Skinny roll up cuff jeans’ (indigo) by Muism
Shoes – ‘La Jalousie boots’ (mystique) by gbberish
Necklace – ‘opera ruby’ by silver dragon
Bag – ‘Z bag’ by zooby’s