week goodies!

I have decided to do like a 2 in 1 post! I had put the ‘boyish’ outfit together but had to share with you two of best goodies of the week! Elfa’s silky dress and MNK’s! Now, if you don’t know Uncleweb hair yet, you should check them out! They have a lot to choose for both men and women and the shorter hairs are just too cute! My favs are definitely ‘Ilias’ (shown on the ‘boyish outfit) and Ann&Anna shown on the second pic (on the left)! But the bargain of the day might well be MNK dress, I have blogged before about this little store at creator’s pavillion, the prices are super cheap and they always think of more than one option to wear on each outfit. This dress comes with 3 different options to choose from, plus two different colors red and blue. Here I’m just showing you 2 of the blue version! Not bad, especially for 160L! I love, love exploring creator’s pavillion and find all kinds of new gems! ❤ Uma

Details :
1st pic (boyish look)
Hair – ‘Uw.St. Ilias’ hair (madder red) by UncleWeb
Jacket – ‘piumino’ by bianca f
Shorts – ‘Isa bermuda shorts’ (red) by Cachet
Belt – MALT fashions
Tights – ‘Tartan Thighs’ (brown pack) by Elfa
Shoes – ‘Athena’ by Tesla

Second pic (goodies/left to right)
Hair – ‘Uw.St. Ann&Anna’ (cocoa) by uncleweb
Dress – ‘silky dress’ (green) by Elfa

Hair – ‘Sasha’ (black) by MMS
Dress – ‘Nut caramelized nikukyu’ by MNK shop

4 thoughts on “week goodies!

  1. Lolaa Michalski says:

    The first hairdo is so cute! You kind of look like you’re from a fairytale. Like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” or something. 😀

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