Harajuku Girl

I guess that says it all. I was going to do this a long time ago but only decided on putting it together today. Japan is probably the country I most want to visit, it is on the top of my travel list. I’m planning to be there in a year from now (hopefully) so today is all about the harajuku girls look. Only it’s my personal ‘view’ of them. I guess I could say I simplified the looks, a lot. Ehe! If I had to ‘label’ each look, I’d say ‘Lolita’, ‘Street style Fashionista’ and my own ‘simple’ ‘ganguro gyaru’ style. I know I’m not as tanned (as a ganguro) or chose to wear a skin with ‘white’ lipstick and heavy make up (which I think you can still find at gigi couture) and they’re mostly seen in shibuya but, as I said, this is my own personal ‘translation of it. Or maybe I was just inspired by the funky colorful fashion girls around tokyo. Anyway, I hope you like it ^^ and there’s more to come. ❤ Uma

*click pics to view larger*
Details : (left to right)
Hair – ‘Sioux’ by Refuge (mod a little)
Hat – ‘skull hat’ by Chapeau tres Mignon
Top – ‘Poker Corset’ by House of Nyla
Skirt – (part of) ‘scalleeewag’ dress by [twee]
Leggings – by system 3rror
shoes – ‘black ribbon short boots’ by AOHARU
necklace – ‘Le Masque Black Chic’ by mijn boa

‘Tokyo Street Style’:
Skin – ‘Hana’ (pale/nude) by Redgrave
Hair – ‘Fuka’ (chocolate) by [MS], Mirai Style (mod by me)
Jacket – ‘Knit Cardi’ (green) by Malt Fashions
Scarf – ‘Scard and Corsage’ (blue) by BP*
T-shirt – ‘Ghost doodles’ tshirt by me/Toastface (if interested you can find them at Dogtown)
Shorts – ‘Denim Shorts’ (brown) by Malt Fashions (belt is color change)
2nd Belt – ‘Music Belt’ (black) by [ATOMIC]
Stockings – ‘wool tights’ (argyle black11) by BP*
shoes – ‘black ribbon short boots’ by AOHARU

Colorful Tokyo Gyaru:
Skin – ‘Ma peau – emerald sea’ by mijn boa (not for sale)
Hair – ‘Wilma’ (beach blonde) by MMS Hair
Jacket – ‘minihood’ (pink) by Fishy Strawberry
Ear Muffs – ‘Bunny Ear Muffs’ (white) by Chapeau Tres Mignon
Necklace – ‘I ❤ sushi set’ by [ATOMIC]
Dress – ‘Lola’ – sunrise’ by T..a..R..t
Stockings – ‘bird socks – grape candy’ by GRANDMA!
Shoes : ‘MoutonBoots’ (soft blue) by AOHARU
*poses by [LAP], AnaLu, and snOokys Poses*

4 thoughts on “Harajuku Girl

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hai Thema!! ^^ awes, ty, and I can say the same about you!! ❤
    *about Japan, who knows, maybe I’ll blog from there ‘one of these days’! Thanks for the feedback!

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