New Redgrave Skin ‘JENNIFER’

I am so excited to announce and share with you, the ‘soon to be released’ skins from Redgrave. Emilia was kind enough to share them with me and I couldn’t be more excited to show you!! They did it again, only better (if that was possible)! I don’t know where to start, if you ‘watch’ my blog or know me in world, you know how attached I am to Lyla skin so I don’t think I have the words to describe how I felt when I got these! Perfection is the only word I can think of, we already know how realistic Redgrave skins look, striving to achieve perfection on details and when the first ones were released there was no doubt they had hit the jackpot! But its beautiful to see how we keep being presented with new surprises and new updates from Redgrave! The make ups on these skins are just awesome, and as I tried one after the other, I couldn’t be more amazed! I don’t think how someone can get only one! Of course there is no need to show you the body details, we already know it as the palm of our hands! I’ve been told by Emilia they will be released tomorrow (friday 26th) and I’m positively sure there won’t be any other place you’ll want to be! ❤ Uma

*click pics to view larger*
1st set (left to right):
01 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *nude*/02 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *red*/03 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *deep red*/04 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ ‘soft pink’
2nd set (left to right):
05 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *blue*/06 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *brown*/07 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer *lilac*/08 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *gold*
3rd set (left to right):
09 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *peacock*/10 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *smoky1*/11 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer *smoky2*/12 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *smoky3*/13 Pale Skin ‘Jennifer’ *smoky4*


Unfortunately there is no picture saved from last night at 7! The HOMME re-launch party was definitely a success, besides the expected lag and the ‘unrezzed’ dress code it was a fun and busy night! I decided to wear something elegant but simple, without much accessories or color. I chose to wear Cachet’s ‘Seven’ dress TOP (the name might be a tribute to 7 ultra lounge or at least I’ve decided it to be), modifying the metal details on the belt with a gold texture to match the gold/cream and brown details on the skirt, shoes and jewelry. The skirt might be the pièce of resistànce here, understated but elegant, it’s the glossy leather texture that calls the attention to this outfit. ❤ Uma

Hair – ‘Egle’ by Muism
Top – (part of) ‘Seven Dress’ (black) by Cachet
Belt – (part of) ‘Seven Dress’ by Cachet (Mod by me with a gold texture on the metal details)
Skirt – (part of) ‘Pardon, leather dress’ (brown) by Madame Haute Couture
Bangle – ‘Vincente’ (gold) by =DeLa*=
Manicure – ‘Lacquer – plum’ by Detour
Shoes – ‘Vixen II pearl *fallow* by Tesla