I’ve been listening to Ladytron and it inspired me to put this outfit together. Looks a bit ‘electro’ influenced so I decided to blog the hell out of it. Total black with a touch of blue. Edgy but still simple. Also, You’ll be seeing these boots A LOT. My ‘new’ favs ❤

Hair : ‘Shirley 2’ by Truth

Jacket : ‘Zina fur coat’ by Skin Flicks

Dress : ‘Keiko Tunic Dress’ By Armidi

Boots : ‘La jalousie Suede Boots’ (moonlight) By Gbberish

Bag : ‘DS bag’ (in blue) by [ICoN]

Earrings : ‘Chandy earrings’ by p.c.

7 thoughts on “Electro

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi rezit and YES, those were the two things I wanted to point out. They pretty much make the whole outfit. ^^
    Sonya ❤ omg, the details on them are amazing aswell. ty ty. MUAHS! ^^

  2. wow gold says:

    I love those wow gold (Managed to get these individuals when it comes to dark chocolate) nonetheless the sole grouse is after the winter many people secure sea salt staining on it loosing their own firmness. Though we are at the same time of cleaning them which are noticed that you bode well seeing that newer!

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