Frame of mind

Put into colors. With that thought in mind, I decided to put this outfit together. Red white and blue being the main colors. Kawaii casual. The mini hood is something I want to point out, since I haven’t spoken about Fishy Strawberry yet, a promising store, offering a refreshing funky, happy and colorful style. For the ones who don’t know it yet, find it, it’s worth paying a visit. ❤

Hair : ‘Hunting – Chiffon Curl’ by ARGRACE

Hood : ‘Mini Hood’ (light grey) by Fishy Strawberry

Dress : ‘amenohini-odekake’ (blue) by DP Serendipity

Shoes : ‘Stivaletto Pitone’ (blue) by Bolero Collection

Frame : ‘Frame 04’ by Atelier AM


5 thoughts on “Frame of mind

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Sonya!!! ❤ Muah!! It’s casual but cute. I like it. I’m happy you do aswell. *kisses and ken lee’s u*

  2. Sonya.A says:

    Ken Leeee (cat version ) will go to trash maybe cause I will totally rebuild the store ! Just looking for a little rent for my old creations 😀
    Sonya .

    Ps : We need to KEN LEEEEE

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