And now for something completely different…

It is not about fashion this time, well at least not so obvious. I’ve missed taking pics and ‘playing’ with them so this is more like an experiment. I’ve gone for the ‘theatrical doll’ look, like the puppet with strings to maybe tell a little story/concept behind the outfit I’m wearing.  Suiting all moods and a wide range of fashion tastes (aswell as ‘pockets’), BareRose is a place where we can (also) find the most odd/unusual pieces and this time was no different. ‘It’s only a paper moon’ is an awesome and inspiring outfit. The skirt is something to die for, Unusual and with an unique look, whether you wear it for a theatrical look or as a Fashion statement, you won’t pass unnoticed. It is the Pièce de résistance on this outfit.

Details :

Skin – ‘Ripe’ (light skin/beauty pack) by fd/fashionably dead.

Hair – ‘Ribbon’ (platinum) by MMS

Eyepatch – ‘bloody eyepatch’ by Little Heaven

Hat – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

Collar – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

‘Jacket’ Layer – (part of) ‘Romantic Soliloquy’ outfit by p.c.

Top (under)/skirt/shoes – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

Bird – ‘Little Birds’ in (white/pastel cheek) by HPMD

Leg – ‘Sailor moon leg’ (tinted by me) by Mijn Boa (not for sale)