Falling Rain.

Unconsciously, I can’t wait for fall, for the ‘First night of fall and falling rain’. This is actually the title for a poem by Delmore Schwartz. I was ‘this close’ to share it with you since I thought it suited the whole feeling behind this ‘outfit’ but I decided not to and just talk a little about what I’m wearing without any subjective words behind it. I wanted to wear something a little ‘dramatic’ but very autumn-like when it suddenly started raining outside (rl yes). That reminded me of Torrid’s ‘paraplu’ umbrella (comes with 7 dif textures) and fantastic poses which were the perfect finishing touch on this look. Sometimes It’s hard for me to explain what goes on behind my process of thinking, or how to ‘label/name’ a certain look, because I’m influenced by a complete different variety of things, images, colors, moods, feelings (…) that trigger all my (sl/rl) creative processes, stuff just ‘blend’ into a certain mental image and voilá, things happen. Hope you like it…x

(click pics to view larger)

Details :

Hair – ‘Fedorable LaRoux’ (wheat) by TorridWear

Jacket – ‘Shine’ ~ Tan by AMODICA LOOKR

Vest – (shirt and underpants layer) part of ‘Damara’ outfit by Last Call

Top/underneath – (undershirt layer) ‘GlamTank’ (dyed by me) by MichaMi

Skirt – ‘Nell’ Sculpted skirt by Leezu Baxter/LBD

Stockings – ’31 silk black’ by *Sheer*

Shoes – ‘Button Boots’ (brown) by Shiny Things

Necklace – Cock?Swan? Necklace by creamshop

Umbrella & poses by Torrid Wear


4 thoughts on “Falling Rain.

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Stokki poo! How will I ever be able to top that? ty <3u.
    Arabesque, can we share? lol. Marriage is about compromising, I’ve heard. >_< ty for the comment. x
    Torrid I’m glad you like it :))

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